Dunraven Chronicles

Session 40

A Jump in Time

Previously In Dunraven…
Dunraven’s Heroes search the depths of the Shadow Forge looking for the crusaders of the Citadel of swords and the missing relic Light Bringer. The evil deurgers do their worst, but in the end the heroes prevail. Finding both friend, and relic but also a surprise. Upon release the crusaders are baffled at the promptness of their rescue, as it turns out they have only been in the forge for less than two days. It seems time moves at a much slower pace on this plane.

Upon their return the party discovers that over a month has passed on the material plane, and much has changed in the parties little world. After their leave a wave of flashlings arouse from the Fairnue and slew all the hobgoblin forces guarding the north passage, and headed to DrollaBar. The Gravetien forces followed in their wake and now lay siege to the city of Tempist Lord commander Gralic and the 3rd legion headed north to defend Tempist, now only the Wild Watch is left to defend Dunraven. A sad discovery also awaits the party. 1st sergeant Tobby has been murdered by the silver fingers in response to his investigation in to the missing gnomes. Also Zurch has been scrying on Grails and it seems he has traveled to the glass coast and his pursuing an elven man. The party assumes Karoo. A strange man from Isaac Geldhaven‘s past has resurfaced. Merphit Q Thagar the 3rd was a friend of Isaac’s father and wishes Isaac to return to Grevites and help a resistance end the tyranny that has taken root is Grevites.


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