Dunraven Chronicles

Session 44

Bet you thought that ghost was real....nope Chuck Testa....

Previously in Dunraven… as told by kyle

The group arrives in the dragon isles, greeted by an ogre of a dragon…man… The dragon…ogre…man…thing tells them no trouble or the samurai will kill you. ‘Nuff said. Sorin left to find information on Orval, Karoo’s brother and leader of the a local thieve’s guild. Kaz, Zurch, Ziane, and Gromril investigate around the island for a magic shop, or wizards tower if you prefer. Sorin returns with some information on Orval and asks Grett and Isaac for help in defeating the Test of Agility(as I am dubbing it now….yeah, that sounds about right…)

Mira(I think that was her name, it might be Meeri….I think it’s Meeri…either way who knows things change on a constant basis around here…one moment Thorpal is fine, the next it’s burned to the ground trampled by Grevetians and Fleshling Constructs…anyways) invites the four, Kaz, Zurch, Ziane, and Gromril, into her tower. After a bit of conversation Gromril asks if Meeri could scry on a man named Grails(yes that old man with the couldy eyes and the mean stare…he also poured water on my foot.) She gets a bit weirded out by the request as if she knows something and only Ziane and Zurch pick up on the change in behavior. She sends the party away for the moment and tells them that she will send word when she finds any information on him. Take note about the giant stone golem in the middle of the shop…may come in handy later… Also to keep note: You’re being trailed.

Back to Orval, so Sorin, Isaac and Grett are led down into a holding area persay… Anyways there seems to have been a semi hostile takeover with Orval’s guild. Some want to be the black cats, some want to be the silver ravens, some want to die….I’m sure… So the three enter this room with a pit, a tight rope, a mechanical lizard eating pie thing, and a lock, or something like that… As the group is navigating through this obstacle course of deadly pie eating mechanical lizard pit thing of death, they finally succeed in unlocking the golden arch(sorry no mcdouble for Isaac). Isaac steps through and lights a torch to almost be clocked in the head by Orval wielding a rapier. (Yup double handing that shit…wait…Orval’s an elf…he…this…why the hell is he double handing a rapier?) After the situation calms down from Isaac’s almost lobotomy(I went to spell check that word and apparently it gave me Islamabad…then Latoya…so…removal of a lobe of the brain is now a ghetto name…) he informs the party that his brother Karoo is to be executed in the Colosseum. Also he was attacked by Meeri, yeah that mage girl…that wizard with the golem…didn’t see that coming did ya? Sorin, Orval, Grett, and Isaac devise a plan to save Karoo involving the purchase of slaves and all…wait a tick…this means we have to get arrested…crap…

Back at the Halberd for a meeting with the rest of the group. Situations are explained and Ziane and Grett agree to go into the Colosseum. Isaac investigates a boat previously seen of the Halberd’s bow and is now preparing to sail away. Sorin decides to investigate Meeri. Gromril and Kaz stay at the ship…lucky them…

We’ll start with the Halberd. Kaz, being invisible and all, sits in his room and counts splinters in his hands or something like that…(listen do you really want to know what Kaz does in his down time? Really? Yeah I thought so…) Gromril goes to pray to Mordrin with Ulrick, which consists of drinking…and more drinking…probably more drinking… A ruckus on deck pulls Kaz and Gromril out of their rooms to save a man overboard with cut rope. When they get back to their rooms they see that their rooms have been ransacked.

Onto Sorin, Sorin takes Grett and Ziane to Orval who get them arrested and take Ziane and Grett to the Colosseum. The meet Karoo and vow to protect him or get him to safety at least. Sorin then investigates the shipment that the ship off the coast left. He heads to Meeri’s tower sneaking in and watching her odd behavior. Meeri sends word for Gromril, who comes cautiously.

Pause, and change the channel now nothing important is happening. Isaac swims out to the boat climbs up unnoticed and searches below deck. He didn’t find anything but lamp oil. So he stockpiles the lamp oil in front of the boat. Lights it on fire, and causes mass havoc lighting objects on the boat on fire. Like a bed, or sails, an oak desk that is holding shipment records…. Some of the shipmates believed Isaac to be a ghost, really, this was just the Thorn in Thalos’ Side having a bit of fun. Stab the rutter cable with an acid arrow and escaping the boat to swim back to the Halberd.

Back to Sorin. Meeri was scrying on Gromril, she set down her ball and whispered in the golem’s ear(told you this was going to be important). She then lays down on the ground after knocking an armor rack over. Gromril opens the door to find the Golem looking like it’s about to crush Meeri. He readies to charge, then hears Sorin yell, “This is staged, she’s not in danger.” To which Gromril turn coats and leaves. Meeri tries to dispell Sorin’s invisibility but fails. Sorin returns with a Touch of Idiocy, effectively making Meeri an average human in intellect standards. He gets stomped on by the golem for a second, then turn coats and runs back to the Halberd. Meeting back up with Isaac, Kaz, and Gromril they talk for a moment, and debate for a moment to take on Meeri and her giant stone golem. Taking it as a bad idea for now they hold off on apprehending Meeri, they wait patiently for Ziane and Grett’s return from the Colosseum.


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