Dunraven Chronicles

Session 45

Now Presenting Lizard Choker & the Seaman!

The sun dawns on a new day, Grett and Ziane are talking to people in the Colosseum and sizing up their opponents. The drow has a plan to get out of the arena by killing everyone. Good plan, solid plan…I like it…only one problem, Ziane… But we’ll get to that a bit later. The lizard man speaks in slitherin and nobody can understand him so I’ll just shrug that off like he’s just dazed and confused as to why he’s chained to a wall and not eating people. A dwarf from clan Blackanchor(here is my question, why do all dwarves have colors before their profession in their clan name. It’s weird, no individuality and opens up for a lot of incestial relationships… Come on have a bit of class, name yourself Ulrick von Giant Ball Crusher or something… Give yourself a bit of snazz.) Anyway Blackanchor came from the Sentenial Eagle where he was captured by pirates…oh hey look a pirate! Well to put this long story short, Grett pisses off the lizard man, Ziane gets paired with the honorable dwarf, and Grett gets stuck with a pirate and lizard man…

Karoo is armed with bolas, Ziane grabs a trident, Grett grabs two javalins, and lizard man…Oh lizard man grabs a longsword to lob off Grett’s wrist. Yup, no honor umongst reptiles. So the drums play, as Sorin, Gromril, Isaac, Zurch, and Versile all watch from the stands. Grett looses his arm…just kidding! He almost looses his arm, but instead he stabs reptile to death before he can spit poisonous acid black mucous in Dennis’s face…(wait wrong movie) before he can lob off Grett’s wrist. Grett then returns the favor by lobbing lizard mans arm… Ziane protects Karoo while killing a tiger, and other men…yes Ziane is a baddass. Grett attacks the drow, and having no weapon decides the best way to kill an assassin is to choke him to death with a chain and mr. lizard man’s arm still attached. The drow, I would really like to know what was going on in his head…like “Oh god what the shit! I’m getting choked out by a pigme! Fuck this…is that a lizard hand…where is it…why the fuck, always with the god damn eye!” So Grett choked out the Drow, stabs him in the face with the claw of the lizard man, and breaks his neck leaving him a blind carcass for Hades to see in amusing wanderings screaming for retribution. Ziane tries to talk the honorable dwarf into playing dead, but that fails and they have a battle to the death.

Krim the concurred enters the arena and shakes Ziane with his voice… He killed the high king…with his voice!…. Then charges into battle. Grett and Ziane take up flanking positions and drop him fairly quickly because they both are badasses. They are brought by a man named Romril…he’s a filthy gnome and I wish silver was still alive to have his head as a meal with him.

Moving onto Isaac, Sorin, Zurch, Versile, Gromril…and….Orval. They find out that Romril has backed out of the deal and sold Karoo to Meeri…I told them that taking care of her would be the best option but no… So, Sorin and Isaac were heading to Romrils but turn coated and went for the docs to meet up with Gromril and Zurch. They inform them that Meeri has Karoo. So the party sets out to Meeri’s tower. The door is locked and alarmed. A quick dispell gets passed the alarm, however the lock is still on the door…isn’t this tower stone? Oh dwarf! Stone shape please! Yup door falls off it’s hinges and the stone golem is ready to charge. Isaac fires a shot but misses….terribly…a stone golem…how sad… The rest of the party take up positions and the stone golem charges Isaac. Isaac tumbles back fires a shot, then throws his shortsword into the golem’s face. A couple rounds later the golem is dust, and Isaac is slowed. Sorin is invisible and wrecking havoc on the mage inside the room. The mage’s response? Turn Sorin into a monkey! Yeah that’ll show him! Sorin then pick pockets the spell component pouch off the mage, and casts invisibility. Invisible monkey havoc go!

Meeri confuses Isaac and Isaac gets into a fist fight with Zurch, attacks Zurch, wanders around, acts normally, fights people…just strangely confused…I don’t know what to do anymore. And there’s this dragon ogre thing from the docs now wandering around town in a mad confused rage…. Meeri gets blade barrier-ed by Gromril and her response? To caucophanic blast it’s pretty much a sonic boom that liquefies Gromril. Sorin respons in kind with a silent still image of himself and throwing his voice to allow the other mage to lightnig bolt his friend to death… Tricky invisible monkey. Then he steals his spell component pouch and gets melf acid arrowed to near death. Isaac has now a clear head and shoots the mage to death. Zurch is down, Sorin is dying..kinda…and Gromril is dead. Karoo is still alive thankfully but we don’t know how much information was let loose from his very loose lips. Also no sign of Grails. Isaac being the only one left alive…kinda… Grabs Gromril, and his stuff and heads out to find a way to bring his buddy dwarf back to life. He also has a new pet monkey with spell casting abilities.

On a mental note, we really need a wand of dispell.



Session 45
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