Dunraven Chronicles

Session 46

They Have a Zombarine!

Previously in Dunraven…
The heroes of Dunraven find themselves in dire straights Sorin Venser is a monkey, Isaac Geldhaven is wounded, Zurch is being chased by Asgadar’s samurai guards, kaz is missing, Zion and grett are enslaved and poor Gromril is dead. Isaac zurch and sorrin escape the samurai by hiding on a roof top. While on the roof they spot the drollabarain ship go up in flames and a strange submarine made of zombies. In over their heads Sorrin, Isaac and company return to Dunraven to rest and hopefully treat Karoo who is unresponsive. Zurch is able to rouse Karoo however he’s not karoo anymore. He claims to be the captain of King Wallace wellionton the 2nd guard. The last thing he remembers is chatting with Grails about being the kings servant, than he was trapped in walls of pink glass. Zurch believes Grails possess an artifact of Oldamara used to possesses people, karros’s soul is trapped in this artifact.

After some rest, and getting gromil raised from the dead the party returns to Asgadar and Sorrin disguised as a half dragon noble gets Grett and Zion rescued before they have to fight to the death in the arena. While Ovral, Isaack and Gromil retrieve Karoos secret notes from the slave he hid them with. After some complicated translations, Isaack belives he can locate the mud ship Mallaris. The party than sets out to make contact with the dwarves of clan Black anchor in the hopes of finding the Mud Ship Mallaris.

The party makes an ally of Captain Lan Mono of the centennial eagle and travel to the dangerous great eastern trench, and use a strange diving vessel to descend to the bottom of the ocean where they locate the Malaris, and are attacked by drowned undead…


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