Dunraven Chronicles

Session 48

liches, assassins and boats oh my...

Previously in Dunraven…
What reamains of the party finaly confronts the lich in open battle. Our heroes slay the lich and capture six phylactry.
Returning to the mud ship the party finds the vessel commandeered and on the move. While planning their escape Kaz finds out the hard way that the Drazz Kadool employs more than jyst magical assassins at the cost of his life. Sorrin charms the assassin and grett and gromil make short work of the other two.

Gromril raises the fallen party members and the party finds an ancient silverkeep dwarf at the helm of the mud ship. Apparently this dwarf is the inventor of the mud core, abd is no true friend to the Drazz Kadool. After a heated debate taldus is contacted and teliportation is aranged.


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