Dunraven Chronicles

Session 49

Drow are monkeys

As Taldus returns the party to Dunraven, and the group meets with Lalia to gain information on the Drow attempting her life. A quick couple of long hours tracking, and the group meets up with the Drow in a tunnel. A battle ensues that leads the group into a chamber with spider climbing Drow. A quick decisive spell from Gromril and most of those drow jumped off their safe roof to the ground.

Sorin not being a monkey, but being really hard to see caused havoc to drow. The sad part is Gromril looked at the madusa, and was turned to stone. He was carrying some stone salve for such an event. After the long battle and madusa lain slain by Grett and Ziane, Isaac, Ziane, and Grett agree to stay to watch over Gromril’s stone body. Sorin takes off to the glass coast to buy more stone salve, and Gromril is brought back to life. Right now the group can go back, or move forward.


swiker87 srgt_davis

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