Dunraven Chronicles

Session 50

Never Go Full Retard

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(I’m going to translate this due to this being in character)

The group approached the construct factory, as two giants are guarding the entrance. These were three armed giants with poisonous bites. Yes, poisonous bites. The giants were also called Athaches. After slewing the giants, the group entered a holding room with coats and such on the wall, a few characters grabbed lab coats to look cool. Isaac, Ziane, Grett, Kaz, and Gromril entered a room to find construct monkeys. One of these monkeys poisoned Isaac, he’s now a full-plegic. Gromril is also poisoned. Sorin destroys the constructs under construction, and Kaz alerts the small group of “scientists” to the groups presence. The group of scientists alert the factory to the groups presence and constructs pour out of the containment room. Seeing Gromril, and Kaz first they bypass them due to them wearing lab coats.

The group invisible themselves and pass by the constructs undetected until Grett fires a shot, and up the elevator we go. Seeing Artificer Quailos he looks at the almost empty elevator ready to kill them all…all being Grett… Poor Grett.


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