Dunraven Chronicles

Session 51

Return to Grevites

The epic battle opens with Grett charging the robot halfling artificer. Isaac being in a bag, Ziane being invisible, Sorin invisible, Gromril invisible Kaz…invisible… Ziane brings the boom and the artificer runs, brings in a runic guardian, which gets beat down…a couple times…fast healing bullshit… Some hobgoblins lost their lives, and so did the artificer. But the main point, and I reiterate the main point of this fight is one of the worst villains the world has ever seen has been disintegrated. So we put to rest Kaz Taclin. I kid, I kid. But we put to rest a good friend, and comrade Kaz Taclin.

After which the party heads to Greveties to end this war. The party finds the situation worse off then Dunraven. The baron passed away while Isaac left to take care of the phylacteries and he feels a great grievance. As well as a library was burned to the ground, this is a crime against all of creation. Also the Grevetian that were under the new Baron Thaygar the IV were taken for the war effort. This results in no army, no trained troops, and a very small hope of success in the rebellion. But nevertheless the party will build from nothing an army to wage a rebellion against the pope king of St. Cuthbert. The war begins soon.


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