Dunraven Chronicles

Session 52

War Council

Previously in Dunraven…
Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th has called in all the man of the southlands for a tournament, and planed a war council to include his burgermisters, the party and another visitor Sir Crest Ironheart.

In order to wage the planed rebellion soldiers and weapons will be needed, luckily sorrin travels with an arsenal. However there is no smith in the southlands with the skill to forge weapons and there is a distinct lack of steel available as well. Grett and Zion determine that of the men of the southlands perhaps 100 with a lot of training could be turned in to an army.

Alies will be needed the party along with Barren Thaygars burgermisters head out to attempt to meet with the kingdoms other barrens in the hopes of forging alliances. While Grett remains to train the troops, and barren Thaygar remains at castle liberty to avoid raising suspicion.


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