Dunraven Chronicles

session 53

A Grand Tour

Previously in Dunraven…
Isack, Zion, Sorrin, and their burgermeister guide receive a warm welcome in kings port. Barron Hanz informs them that they are being followed by Larance spies, and that all the strength of kingsport will raise up against king wellington if Hanz can becomes king. The Party declines his offer and meets with two other influential high born in Kingsport, mayor Gruber and lady Helga. Gruber offers to sell the loyalty of half his soldiers to Thaygar for what the party considers a high price, and Lady Helga will give her soldiers up if whoever replaces King Wellington will agree to marry her.

Gromril travels to the woodland province, and learns that the people of the woodlands were terrorized by the kings justice, on his way to the north to the half wood. Gromril meets barin labrin who informs him that he’s welcome to set up camp and try and recruit people for his little resistance, but the barin is to distraught over the missing princess elisondra to worry about Barrin Thaygars resistance.

While returning from the swamp lands the party find out the city of Tempest is being starved out and will soon fall. Also Orik lord commander Gralics squire has been capured, but luckily sorrin is able to rescue him.


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