Dunraven Chronicles

Session 54

What if Leroy Jenkins won?

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes return to castle liberty to find royal soldiers there as well. The soldiers deliver a message informing [[:barren-meriphit-q-thaygar-the-4th | Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th] that duke Anural the former prince is to be given the Citadel of swords as a gift, and the king is requesting that each of the barrens send skilled laborers and masons to rebuild the citadel in to a proper Grevetie castle.

After much debate it is decided that the party will head north in search of the missing elven princess Elesondra. In the hopes of gaining Baron Labrins alliance.

The journey through the half wood is dangerous, divisions of grevite soldiers, remnants of the elven army, chunks of the wild watch and horrid monsters wonder the wood. While hunting for clues the party encounters a massive force of Grevites. Zion is separated form the group and is surrounded by Calvary. Where as the rest of the party stares down 200 plus soldiers. Who’s first to act? Grett Malbo, that’s who. Grett rears his faithful steed Bishop and charges the Grevetie host with out pausing, and epic battle ensues. After the initial chaos, including a “bear bomb” from the party’s new druid friend Xo, the heroes form a diamond of death. After some 70 Grevites are slain the including the officers and calvary the remaining men flee, and the search for clues continues…


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