Dunraven Chronicles

Session 56

An eventful Knight

Previously in Dunraven…
After being spread out across the south wilds our heroes eventually find themselves reunited in their home Dunraven. Zurch is finaly able to chat with Zion and Isack about there upcoming knighting. Isack grapples with the idea of getting married,and Grett Malbo and his new companion Exo enjoy a little much needed r & r.

Zion, Idack, and Alhalore are kngihted as planed however, in the midst of the ceremony a surprising turn of events takes place. Lord Thorpel refuses to knight Orval, but rather points out his common heritage and sketchy background to the crowd assembled, along with the back door dealings that lead to Isack, and Orvals knighting. Lord Thorpel declares that he would be a far better match for Leila because he is qualified to lead the old and storied house Dunraven, and proceeds to purpose to her right there in front of the town.

After much debate and chatter by the party it is decided that the party will not intervene and simply allow the politics to work them selves out regardless of the urging of, Zurch, Leila, Orval and Lady Dunraven.

At Isack’s bachelor party Grett is approached by a Grevite messenger who gives Grett a message from Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th , demanding to know when he will return to command the troops and informing him that the King has placed a bounty on his head of 20,000 crowns.

Isack marries Kend Thorpel and is accepted in to house Thorpel.


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