Dunraven Chronicles

Session 57-59

A Troll Hunt

Previously in Dunraven…
After much celebration and the wedding of Lady Kend Geldhaven of House Thorpel and Isaac Geldhaven our hereos set off to the lost lands in the hope of recovering the axes of elf slaying in the name of Mordrin

While exploring the caves the party found a secret temple dedicated to Zandarous one of the shards of the dark one. The cultist led by a beholder claimed to have successfully released the shard.

After much troll slaughter our heroes are finally confronted by the king of trolls. The old withered troll offered no fight, and Grett Malbo took his life without hesitation. Before he died he reveiled that he had relinquished all his treasure to the real ruler of the the lost caverns, an evil red dragon by the name of Trexohdonmagden.


many details are missing from this log, feel free to fill them in if you thing they are of note.

Session 57-59
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