Dunraven Chronicles

Session 60

What to do next?

Previously in Dunraven…
The party now hardened by over a year of battle made incredibly short work of the dragon. Grett was able to locate the axes of elf slaying and the party left the dungeon.

Upon returning to dunraven the party finds the citizens of Thorpeldown rioting outside the city and the gates of Dunraven closed. The citizens of Thorpeldown are pretty upset with lord thorpel and lady Dunraven has turned there back on them.

Word from Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th again requesting the party return. Sir Iron heart has left, the men are in need of training and the barron believes his absents has drawn note, he is concerned about a spy in his midst. This is the 2nd time the barron has asked the party to return.

After a long debate in the new order of the shield headquarters


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