Dunraven Chronicles

Session 64

Riddle Me This?

Previously in Dunraven…
While recovering food from the dark elf cave Taldus and Zion discover a hidden lock box. Gromril uses his vast knowledge of the faith of loth to open the box and discovers a treasure map inside. Grett, Gromril, and Zion set off to the lost lands following the map. The party discovers an ancient stone with a riddle carved in to it. inspiration strikes Gromril and The riddle is solved, but the stone yields another map. Following the map through a frozen vally the party is attacked by frost worms, but there no match for the fighting prowess of zion and grett. Sadly zion, and gromrils horses did not survive the battle. Issack arrives via telliport from taldus, with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. (that song being i just had sex) At the end of the valley the party finds another a frozen water fall and another riddle. After solving the riddle the party is off to a secret cave thanks to another map. A Hyrdra has made its lair inside the cave, but Gretts axes make quick work of the hyrda’s many heads. This cave also contains a wishing well with yet another riddle on it. Isack quickly solves the riddle, which causes a passage to open leading in to the wild underdark. After a challenging journey the party eventually finds another clue. A riddle that once solved releases a terrible storm elemental, the party is able to slowly slay the monster, but Isack nearly looses his life. The party meets the spirit of a long dead halfling mage with a joy of riddles named Greem. Greem tells the party he was forced to flee his native realm in order to hide the Sword of Omens. The final test of the party’s cunning evolved three talking keys and three deadly doors. After a very long debate the party was able to figgure out the right key and door with out any loss of life, and retrieve the Sword of Omens.


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