Dunraven Chronicles

Session 65 and 66

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Previously in Dunraven, five years have past since last we checked in on our heroes, and the world has changed greatly. The King and grand inquisitor Wallace Wellinton has been slain in his castle, and King Anural Wellington has commanded an end of the crusade over the urging of council of the Inquisition. A neutral zone has been established in betwixt the nations. Thorpedown now represents the southern boarder of the Empire.

Lady DunRaven’s court has become incredibly crowded. Visitors from all over the war torn south have come looking for refuge and favor from the one city to survive the war mostly unmolested. Thorpeldown is slowly being rebuilt, but raiders from the neutral zone are causing constant delays.

After a report from the new Master of woods Sir Ulathor, the herores of dunraven set out to the neutral zone in search of Drazz Ka Dool agents.


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