Captain Baddock

stockyer warrior than alhalore


Raymond Baddock was born in a small village just outside of Ramoria. Unable to deal with the simple farmers life of his family, and having a strong streak of patriotism Raymon joined the Imperial Legion as soon as he was old enough. He fought in all three major battles in the the war to conquer Kremlin, and was present when the Imperial flag was raised over the keep of the red city. Raymond will tell you it was the proudest moment of his life.

At the time he was known as sergeant Baddock, but his leadership and combat skill were noticed by his superior officers and Raymond was offered an instructor position at the Imperial academy. after paying his dues and training with the best of the best, he was elevated to the honored position of weapon master, where over several years he trained 100s of the empire’s best warriors in the ways of war. To this day high sword, low ax or Baddock style is still taught at the academy.

During a demonstration on the academy grounds Weapon Master Baddock failed to call a Lord by his title and address him with the respect he was entitled. He was punished by the legion, but the young lord decided to make an example out this lowly soldier and sought further punishment. Raymond was striped of title and sentenced to serve two years in the wild watch of the west.

During his years with the wild watch Baddock discovered Dunraven Whiskey and developed a serious drinking problem. Luckily for him he still fights well drunk, and the west is pretty tame. After serving his time with the watch he decided rather than return to Ramoria to head south and visit the home of his favorite thing, Dunraven.

Raymond drank away his woes for months until he met the woman he would merry and everything changed. Page Baddock convinced Raymond to sober up and join the watch. After a few quick bouts with Captain Grith It was decided he would not only be aloud to join the watch but Barnard D’albo recommended he serve as captain, based on his extensive training and the fact that Greth couldn’t remain standing, let alone defeat him in a fight. However Baddock refused to press the matter, knowing he would better serve as 1st sergeant training the men of the watch. After all… he had some experience preparing men for battle.

Captain Greth couldn’t let this slight stand so rumor has it he got back at Raymond the only way he knew he how, by seducing his wife. Word around Dunraven is that 1st sergeant Baddock came home to find his wife in bed with Greth. Greth was a pro at this, he didn’t get caught unless he wanted to. Baddock spent the next week at the bottom of a bottle of Dunraven Whiskey, and Page Baddock found herself dead. No one was ever brought to justice for the crime, many blame Raymond, some blame Greth, a few say suicide, but Raymond was never the same.

Now years later captain Greth is dead, killed by the Cult of the Dark one and Baddock is captain of the guard. The same night Baddock was promoted Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th was killed ending the Dunraven line. Baddock would serve as captain of the watch for a few weeks, before the watch was dissolved by a council decree he and Thayadrid Greatwyrm initiated.

After the Greatwyrm goverment fell Baddock disappeared with Thayadrid, he is assumed to be somewhere in the south wilds training Thayadrid’s new army of devotes.

Captain Baddock

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