Dash Underhill


An orphan raised on the streets of Thorpeldown, little is known about Dash Underhill’s past. A mysterious benefactor payed for his admittance in to the academy of bottled lore where Dash studied elemental magic and became quite the master of the frosty arts. Later he requested to serve as apprentice to the mad sage Zurch of Dunraven. No other student had ever requested the mad sage as a master. Dash studied under Zurch for many years.

It is believed that Dash betrayed Zurch to the silver fingers and enabled them to capture Zurch during his negotiations with lord Thorpel following the fire in Dunraven.

After gaining the A Dark Alliance intelligence it has been suggested that dash is a member of the Tacklin Project.

Dash is wanted for treason against Dunraven for his involvement with the GreatWyrm government, despite the fact that Thaydrid tried to kill him for being a silver finger. Dash is assumed to have returned to Thorpeldown to rejoin the silver fingers, but with the fall of Thorpeldown to the grevites nothing is confirmed. Dash is missing and possibly dead.

Dash Underhill

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