Father Devilyn


the party hasn’t really investigated this man,his past is not common knowledge so perhaps there is more to know…

Devilyn has lived in Dunraven all of his adult life, he served as father of the brotherhood of sun for nearly 25 years. Devilyn lost his position after he assassinated Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th. Devilyn never admitted to the crime and was never tried, however the party had very conclusive evidence of his guilt.

Devliyn spent the entirety of the of the greatwyrm government in the town jail. After the watch was dissolved the cell doors were open but the jail was still closed. Devliyn was locked in a building with many captured thieves and silver fingers for months. (see Session 9).Its rumored that Devilyn turned his cell mates in to his personal congregation.

During the battle for dunraven Devilyn and his fellow prisoners escaped. Devilyn’s whereabouts are unknown. He’s wanted for the murder of lord Dunraven and is assumed to be involved with the Cult of the Dark one.

Killed by Grett Malbo

Father Devilyn

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