Sir Isaac Geldhaven, Knight of the order of the Shield, Heir to the Throne of Thorple


Little is truly known of Isaac’s earlier years, what is known is written down in Sephidus’ journal: “I found a boy today, he was unconscious on the door of what I presume to be a hut. For his grace, he was lucky enough to have the a door of ‘beach wood’. I shall take him with me, and find out his name.”

Isaac was 13 when he was found, and he refuses to remember what happened that fateful night. For it was that night that robbed Isaac of one life, but blessed him with another. What Sephidus found out he put into words, “His name is Isaac Geldhaven, his father Brethro was a hunter in the valley now buried under water of the flood. Yes the water will recede, but this boy’s memory shall forever be full of it’s wake.” What Isaac told Sephidus was how he would spend his days helping his father catch rabbits, or foxes, try to learn the skill of “flint knapping,” or even tracking a wounded buck and making tools with his bones. Sephidus was pleased to hear such potential of a child, “I have found Isaac to be that of no ordinary boy, he understands, he comprehends, and he learns. For today he made shafts to an arrow, first by lighting a fire and then heating the wood to bend straight. At twelve! He may be molded further, I just need to find a niche for him.”

Sephidus claimed Isaac as his own, his surrogate heir, and his predecessor. He started training Isaac for combat. Isaac picked up a longsword, but never could wield it with the finesse of a hunter. After about a week Sephidus decided to drop that weapon a move onto another, perhaps a bigger sword, a greatsword. Whatever Sephidus’ thoughts were on this subject, a larger weapon did not in fact help Isaac’s combat, and he still will swing the sword with that of a brute hacking at a tree. Sephidus wrote, “The longsword was that of a baby throwing around his spoon at porridge. Sloppily he swings with no force behind it, maybe if I give him a bigger sword…. Alas…no; it’s still sloppy and more over a brute, but he may grow into the sword, I hope. Because I have plans for this child of mine, big plans.”

During a spar session with Sephidus, Isaac was angry and came at him with fervor so Sephidus countered with and downward swing on Isaac’s longsword. The blade broke leaving Isaac with a handle and a blade no longer then a dirk. Isaac took his stance, and Sephidus believed he won this bout. But Isaac found his weapon, he parried the swipe from Sephidus and stepped into the combat zone sticking the broken sword firmly to Sephidus’ throat. Later Sephidus wrote, “I can not put into words the fear I felt when the blade touched my throat, and the joy I felt when the blade touched my throat. The fear was for my life, and the joy was for his use of the shortest of blades.”

From then on Isaac relied on his archery and dagger skills. He still wore a greatsword for when he had no other choice to but to swing wildly at the air about himself. He was beginning to shape up into a killer of sorts. Hunting, stalking, and executing his “marks” until he was initiated into Sephidus’ society. This inner circle was never organized but this rag-tag group of wanna be halfling hunters would be put to the test now. Isaac stepped in about the group, whom stood coldly away from him. Sephidus told the other, “I am the last of the Bloodtome. And with no heir and no close relatives…” The inner circle perked up to hear these words. These were the words all of the would be hunters waiting in the room for. The words to Sephidus’ estate after he passed, “I will leave my entire estate to my surrogate child, Ulrick.” Isaac looked at him strangely at that moment, as Sephidus would write in his journal, “ineligible writing and half torn page So I gashed his palm dubbing him Ulrick Bloodtome. This unknown child found on the dead valley now is my boy. No longer known as Isaac, for his past is dead, now he is Ulrick my second in command.”

From then on he would go out to hunt and murder any halfling that caused trouble. Until a report came in from the inner circle, the leader of the Drazz Kadool had raised an army planning on assassinating certain people of interests. Sephidus’ last entry, “The Drazz Kadool is growing too powerful, by Cuthbert’s we shall destroy this cult, this order, this heinous group once and for all. May Ulrick know that we shall prevail.”

Sephidus and Isaac sprang into action planning their attack. It was to require all of the circle to take out the Drazz Kadool, a plan to end the Drazz Kadool before they rose into power. Sephidus and Isaac approached this halfling leader, expecting the help of the inner circle, but they never came. None of them but Sephidus and Isaac lay before the most powerful being in the cult of assassins. The halfling let out his words, “So the great Sephidus betrayed by his closest friends.” Turning to Isaac, “And who do you bring Sephidus, by the dark one, it’s Ulrick your adoptive son.” Sephidus was leery of his intentions, “So we shall see how well he can survive” The magical blast rippled through the air torwards Isaac so Sephidus threw himself in front of Isaac. Isaac watched in horror as Sephidus was torn apart, limbs ripped from his torso, head wrung about the neck like a twisting clothe. Sephidus’ eyes were of terror and even though he were not able to speak, Isaac knew what he was yelling, “Run! Run my son!” Isaac turn tail and ran, evading his enemies before making his way into the city Drollabar.

A lot has happened since those days. I met some friends, well….comrades. In a mutually beneficial relationship I’ve aligned myself with some guards from Dunraven, and one mercenary. As time progressed, we fought ghosts, zombies, cults, and fiends.

I died…twice…

Oh and I’ve been cursed…twice…

But my life is not all bad now… Even though I find myself consistently fighting against my own countrymen I find that neither Imperial, or Grevitian should be prejudiced against another species or race, except Halflings, and Drow, and perhaps Gnomes….sometimes…

I got married, and joined a Knight order. All in the same day. My wife, Kend, is the daughter or Lord Thorple. He ran the city Thorpledown. Which was taken by Grevietian forces. Now it is my duty, my sworn duty to uphold what I have been taught by my lords. My Barons, the Thaygars. Trust, Loyalty, Honor, I must fulfill my destiny. I must end the tyrannical mindset of Thalos. I must end his plot. For I am a Grevetian, I am a husband, I am I Knight of Dunraven, I am Isaac Geldhaven, Lord of Thorple and heir to the Throne.

Sir Isaac Geldhaven, Knight of the order of the Shield, Heir to the Throne of Thorple

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