Orphan of unknown background


Ever since Kaz was a child, he had never known his parents. Any time he asks anyone for information relating to the subject a deaf ear is turned and everyone seems to avoid the subject.

Growing up as a child Kaz learned a bit of spell casting and learned a few small things from Taldis. Having been impressed by Zurch, Kaz wanted to go down the path of the Sorcerer with the ambitions of surpassing Zurch himself.

Kaz has been dubbed “the Cat Guy” by people around Dunraven for always being seen with his feline familiar, Top. Top is the friend that Kaz can always depend on and has been there through tough times.

With all of the events that have been happening around Dunraven, Kaz was recruited by the guard to investigate the murder of Lord Dunraven and try to maintain peace in the city he calls home.

While investigating at the Temple of the Bear and searching for Astarielle, an epic battle with some living animal plants caused Kaz to not think clearly and Fireburst the one standing near him as a last ditch effort to not die. Unfortunately for Renfel, who was standing right behind the tree, the tree evaded the spell and caught the full force of the attack, killing our beloved elf. Kaz thinks about this moment in battles trying not to hurt any more friends, or at least what friends are left after other party members have a strong distaste for Kaz’s combat style and friendly fire.

While going after Artificer Qualos and fighting an army of constructs, Kaz started to get frustrated since everything was immune to his magic. After he found out the Artificer wasn’t magic immune, much fun was had. Until Kaz was hit with a Disintegration Ray and failed the fortitude check to live or turn to dust. After deciding to contact Astarielle to resurrect their fallen comrade cheaper than finding a high level cleric, Kaz was turned into a wolverine and couldn’t cast any spells. Kaz decided to retire to Dunraven.


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