Lady Kend Geldhaven of House Thorpel


Kend is the daughter of Tiberius and Anna Thorpel the ancestral rulers of Thorpeldown. As a child she was privy to the best education and spent much of her time enjoying the wonders of the Academy of bottled lore.

When Kend was 12 years old her mother who was frequent to miscarriage at long last carried a child to term, but her mother died in child birth. Kend refused to further her education instead she chose to fill the role of mother for her brother.

At the age of 15 Kend and her brother were kidnapped by a group of gnomes demanding action be taken against the silver fingers. After three days of capture Kend was Rescued, but sadly young Tiberius Jr. was killed in an a rescue attempt made by a group of mages from the Academy. The events of this encounter have much to do with the racial divide in Thorpeldown.

As a young woman Kend was very rebellious often taken to running away. At this time Kend even had a brief romance with a half Hobgoblin named Bront. However Brunt and his kin were slain by the Red Hounds at the order of Lord Thorpel securing a relationship with Lord Thorpel and Thadrid Greatwyrm of Dunraven,

At the age of 19 Kend Married Sir Isack Geldhaven of Dunraven.

Lady Kend Geldhaven of House Thorpel

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