Lady Lalia Ravenfeather Dunraven


Laila was born in the town of Dunraven but spent her childhood living at the citadel of swords. Her father Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th could never adknowledge her and her mother Jasail Featherly was told she was safe else where. She was betrayed and raped by Old Faceless her adopted father, and fled all the way to the accursed city of DrollaBar.

Laila spent her young adult hood running with the Heavy Pockets Gang in Drollabar. Where Laila acquired a new father figure Klinky. Klinky taught Laila how to be a top notch thief. Laila also became romantically involved with fellow gang member Orval. Later she was returned to Dunraven see session 20.

Lady Dunraven is now in control of Dunraven, what kind of leader she will be is still yet to seen.

Lady Lalia Ravenfeather Dunraven

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