Orval Urborg of the White Wood


Orval grew up in the white wood in the shadow of his older brother Karoo, often rebelling and operating outside the few rules of the white wood. When he was old enough to leave the wood he spent most of his time in the imperial villages surrounding black rock prison. Orvel was always fascinated with humans. In the white wood there are is no crime, no poverty, no thirst for power, but among humans Orval discovered another life rich in these elements.

After many years of pick pocketing, blackmailing, and smuggling Orval had learned the thieves trade better than most, but like all thieves his past caught up with him. Orval was recalled to the white wood by his people, and by recalled i mean he was knocked out and dragged back to his people after a short battle in the streets of Nelfaphane. Allegedly he was given a choice of undertaking a mission to investigate a possible remnant of the Undane empire in Drollabar or permanent exile from the whitewood.

Orval spent the next thirty years building a relationship with the most powerful thieves guild in Drollabar, the cats. Until he met a half elven woman named Leila, Orval hadn’t seen another elf in years and was instantly taken with her. Orval joined Leila’s gang until it was disbanded in session 19.

After his time in Drollabar Orval feared for his life from many different directions, so like many he fled to the dragon isles. Always loving a challenge Orval sought out the most dangerous island, Asgadar. On Asgadar he was the only world class thief and he quickly built a powerful thieves guild. Sadly after an unfortunate attempt to blackmail a semuri in an effort to have Orval’s brother Karroo released Orval’s guild turned on him. As luck would have it, before the guild good get to Orval his old friends from Dunraven arrived on the island and happened to be looking for Karoo as well. See session 44-46 for more details

Orval returned to Dunraven with the party and has since been reunited with his love Lady Lalia Ravenfeather Dunraven. Two goals set heavily on Orvals mind, the return of his brother Karoo and finding away to marry lady Duraven.

Orval prefomed a secret mission to Thorpeldown with the help of the Silver Fingers, and has slain many Grevite and earned the admiration of the people of Thorpeldown and Dunraven,

Orval Urborg of the White Wood

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