Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry


HP: 29
AC: 20

WEAPONS: Short Bow and Dagger

Born Renfell Mithlithdal to Belthonen and Veassen, moderately wealthy elven parents. At the age of 12, while on a business trip, whith his parents, to the Academy of bottled lore in the city of Thorpaldown their caravan came under attack by a silver dragon in which everyone was slain, or so it seemed. After several hours of hiding out Renfell was discovered by a gnomish man Locktoe Mickelberry. Locktoe brought young Renfell home and nursed him back to health after which Tiisis, Locktoe’s wife, suggested that they adopt Renfell and give him a proper home to which he agreed would be best. At this point his new parents each gave him a name as is custom with the gnomish society. Locktoe gave him his surname of Mickelberry out of tradition and Tiisis gave him the name of Glitterhold out of silliness. As Renfell grew up in the town of Thorpaldown he of course enjoyed playing all the fun gnomish games they would play. His favorite game, which he never seemed to lose at was “hide from the tarrasque” its was this point that he realized he had quite a talant for remaining stealthy and finding hidden people. This would prove to be a a double edged sword later in life. After many years of growing up in this gnomish society he felt it was tome for him to find his own path in life. Renfell moved to the town of Pittsbaloo where he worked odd jobs for a local locksmith as a means to pay his room and board. He eventually made several friends while in town as he was an outgoing person. One fate full day one of his new friends, Smitty, suggested he try to find work at the local thieves guild, the “Pittsbaloo Steelers”, to which Smitty also belonged, as he possessed many of the qualities they were looking for in new members and the pay was far beyond that of a lowly locksmith. After several days of considering the idea he asked Smitty to take him to their location to try to gain entrance. Renfell was granted an audience with the master of the guild at Smitty’s recommendation, and upon completing the initiation would be granted a spot as an apprentice. The task was set before him and it seemed simple enough, break into the home of a prominent shop-keep and retrieve an artifact from his personal collection. As it turned out he would not be working alone. The guild had assigned him to work with two friends he had met in town Taldus and Grett Malbo.

The job however turned out to be a set up and the three comrades were caught and jailed for their crime, which became known as the “Pittsbaloo Steelers Game”. Upon being released the three vowed to seek revenge on the “Pittsbaloo Steelers”. After weeks of planning they took down the “Steelers” and then decided to give up on the life of crime.
Renfell decided to move to Dunraven, a quiet town north of Pittsbaloo to try to resume a normal life. It was here that he returned to his true love of locksmithing. Renfell eventully saved enough Ramores and bought a house and opened his own lock shop called “Renfell’s CAPS LOCKS” and continues to make the most amazing locks one can buy in Dunraven.

Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry

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