Taldus Servo

Bald, Elderly, abjurer with Owl.


Not much is known about Taldus Servo’s younger years, other than the fact that he’s lived in Dunraven his entire life. Taldus gained infamy during his middle-age years as a salesmen who travelled the country pedaling ineffectual draughts, potions, and tonics to unsuspecting folks. Though it quickly became known that for every life he ruined, he often saved another. The most famous incident is widely known as “The Pittsbaloo Stealers Game.” In which Taldus and two of his current companions, Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry and Grett Malbo , shutdown the most infamous thieves guild in Pittsbaloo after being framed for their crimes. This led to Taldus’ decision to give up his life of deception and retire to an honest existence.

Shortly after his retirement from sales he became the oldest student of magic that the Academy of Bottled Lore has ever accepted. Though his sharp wit and deductive skills have stayed intact throughout the years, his waning sanity was and has been cause for concern. Because of this it was decided that Taldus would not be taught destructive or harmful spells. Instead Taldus has trained purely in the mastering of protective and anti-magic spells. With his new abilities he offered his help to any in in need, befriending his current circle of companions in the process. His recent recruitment into the Dunraven Guard has made the list of the most exciting things to happen since his retirement. Taldus is always accompanied by his steadfast companion Keel , and the large assortment of goods kept stashed away in his pack.

Taldus Servo

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