Thayadrid Greatwyrm


Thayadrid came to Dunraven approximately one year ago, and began shaking up the financial scene. He bought out the Fuzzy Slipper saving Jasail Featherly from bankruptcy, than built the Frosty Mug tavern. Thayadrid claims to be of noble birth and to have been born in the Imperial city. Due to his nobility and financial status he was able to ascend to Dunraven’s ruling council displacing Shaltoe, because of this its no secret around Dunraven that Shaltoe is no friend of Thayadrid’s. Most around Dunraven believe Thaydrid may be the wealthiest man in all the south, besides the Dunraven family of course.

After the death of Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th Thayadrid established an alliance with the brotherhood of the sun and Captain Baddock of the city watch and was eventually able to gain control of Dunraven for a brief period of time. Ironically less than a week before an imperial decree declaring him lord of Dunraven arrived in town. he was driven out of town.

Thayadrid hates the Silver fingers, no one knows why, but when he learned that Dash Underhill was a silver finger he attempted to kill him that very day, and dash was one of his staunch allies.

Thayadrids last known location was the former home of Mr. Silver the leader of the silver fingers a hidden barn south of Thorpeldown of a tributary of the Fearnue river. Thayadrid is leading some sort of gorilla war to win the hearts of the Thorpeldown refugees, and turn them against the silver fingers. Hahaha, Found and dealt with.

Thayadrid Greatwyrm

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