Treevis Stormpeace


Treevis Stormpeace an elf born of the white wood is considered one of the greatest diplomats in all the Empire. Treevis began his illustriousness career by helping negotiate the treaty that still exists between the elves of the White Wood and the Empire, he than served as ambassador to the Empire. After years of service Treevis fell in love with the capitalist ideas of the humans and resigned as ambassador and took a job with the quickly growing Eagle shipping company. Eagle shipping is now the only way to send mail in the Empire and the most reliable way to get a message to any other nation state surrounding the Empire. Treevis served as the companies ambassador of good will, setting up offices in every town in the Empire, and making friends in all the neighboring nations.

Approxamitly two years ago Treevis left his postion at Eagle Shipping and went off the grid. Treevis reapeared about 8 months ago working for Thayadrid Greatwyrm.

Treevis was using thayadrid, his true loyalty is with the A Dark Alliance

treevis was killed during the battle of Dunraven by Sorin Venser

Treevis Stormpeace

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