Zaine Alexander


A man with the past of a existence that almost never was, nearly robbed of it at birth. Although thanks to some swift actions, luck and a little prayer, he managed to pull through and thus was given the name of Zaine, for the god Heironeous being gracious to this life.

Moving forward into his life, after learning what his name meant, he took it upon himself to try to help and protect those that had troubles doing it themselves, following in his father’s footsteps. Though this lead to problems along the way in the matter of the odds being against him, such as numbers or strength. One man can only do so much, but he wouldn’t let those kinds of thoughts stop him. Beaten time and time again, he refused to stay down or give up, but figured if he didn’t have a good enough offense that perhaps to improve his defense, though how.

One day came along where he heard a scuffle going on in a nearby ally way and off he went to find out what was going on. When he arrived he found man and his wife being taken advantage of by a few thugs, so he went forth and took action with a sword in one hand and shield in the other. He managed to down one but the others proved to be to much when his weapon got knocked away from him to far away to go get and protect the couple. So he did the only thing he could, defend until he saw another near by spiked shield. It might not of seemed like the best idea but he was desperate, so out he reached and equipped this shield. This proved to be tougher to knock out of his hand and threw his enemies off not dealing with such a thing before. So slowly but surely he pushed them back and managed to protect the others. So from that day forth he began using the double shield style or what he prefers to call it “shield on shield action.”

Zaine Alexander

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