Zurch, the Mad Wizard


Little is know about the family and origins of this strange character, on record his life seems to start at fifteen when he entered the academy of bottled lore as a transmutation student. He is notably the youngest student to be granted entrance to the academy. After graduating with high honors he was sent to the council of eight for evaluation, as is with any exceptional mage. He again exceeded expectations, and was offered a position in the order of transmuters, an unheard of honor for a 25 year old man, but he astounded everyone and refused. Many say this is the first hint of madness. While in Ramoria Zurch sought a position at the White Tower, the most sacred place on the material plane to followers of Bocob and spent the next six years studying, well everything.

Zurch spent the bulk of his adult life adventuring in the south. He would appear seemingly out of no where to save travelers from monsters,than share life lessons before bounding off again. This life style got him the name mad wizard. Many bards, and bar flies in the south tell tale of a time Zurch rescued the lord of Dunesberry from trolls by polymorphing the monsters in to giraffes, and than challenging the lord to a giraffe race through the forest, but not before giving the lord’s son a 40 minute lecture on the origins of giraffes and giraffe riding safety.

Though Zurch is known through out the south, there is but one place he calls home Dunraven. Zurch was allways a close friend and advisor to Lord Weston Dunraven the 4th and eventuly his son Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th. When Marso Lesstavar sage of Dunraven died. Lord weston the 4th than nearing the end of his own life sought out Mad Wizard and asked him take on the mental of sage. Zurch accepted with out hesitation. To take the oath of Bocob and serve a city, is one of the highest honors a wizard can receive.

Few know how old the mad wizard really is, its a myth to be speculated about at taverns for sure. He appears to be in his 70’s. Many like to suggest hes really an elf, who transmuted his appearance to walk among men, and that’s how he had such magical power at such a young age. Others claim hes an Undane Lich waiting for the return of his people. Nothing substantial has ever been produced to prove hes more than an old man, but for along time an intriguing painting of the founding of Dunraven hung in town hall. The picture depicting Weston the 1st shaking hands with patron Blackhammer in front of the newly built distillery, included a young elven man standing next to Weston who bares a striking resemblance to Zurch. Non of the town historians can identify the elven man, and after probing in to the matter, the Dunraven family had the painting moved from town hall to the privet manor.

Zurch, the Mad Wizard

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