Dunraven Chronicles

Session 51
Return to Grevites

The epic battle opens with Grett charging the robot halfling artificer. Isaac being in a bag, Ziane being invisible, Sorin invisible, Gromril invisible Kaz…invisible… Ziane brings the boom and the artificer runs, brings in a runic guardian, which gets beat down…a couple times…fast healing bullshit… Some hobgoblins lost their lives, and so did the artificer. But the main point, and I reiterate the main point of this fight is one of the worst villains the world has ever seen has been disintegrated. So we put to rest Kaz Taclin. I kid, I kid. But we put to rest a good friend, and comrade Kaz Taclin.

After which the party heads to Greveties to end this war. The party finds the situation worse off then Dunraven. The baron passed away while Isaac left to take care of the phylacteries and he feels a great grievance. As well as a library was burned to the ground, this is a crime against all of creation. Also the Grevetian that were under the new Baron Thaygar the IV were taken for the war effort. This results in no army, no trained troops, and a very small hope of success in the rebellion. But nevertheless the party will build from nothing an army to wage a rebellion against the pope king of St. Cuthbert. The war begins soon.

Session 50
Never Go Full Retard

Murajowahkta akhtalal aklarhetynnb blaiotickl akhtnblkaidjnt alht biao ahtantahb talow choa gaotnetlba. Aaklt ahtnbiaour ahraok aihnbowakj airlkjiib aoirklk airehbhtao akrlboiedlk. I aliektjb aoiekocia tahtihboak aiojlekbareo wlewknebl aoikwk aoiejtoibkcio kelakblaioier boaoiwjkbeao lkb, akethb ioake. Eiokbke aoiiejby aldkow aoikeriockla okejobals owjkeib aldkenbleic.

(I’m going to translate this due to this being in character)

The group approached the construct factory, as two giants are guarding the entrance. These were three armed giants with poisonous bites. Yes, poisonous bites. The giants were also called Athaches. After slewing the giants, the group entered a holding room with coats and such on the wall, a few characters grabbed lab coats to look cool. Isaac, Ziane, Grett, Kaz, and Gromril entered a room to find construct monkeys. One of these monkeys poisoned Isaac, he’s now a full-plegic. Gromril is also poisoned. Sorin destroys the constructs under construction, and Kaz alerts the small group of “scientists” to the groups presence. The group of scientists alert the factory to the groups presence and constructs pour out of the containment room. Seeing Gromril, and Kaz first they bypass them due to them wearing lab coats.

The group invisible themselves and pass by the constructs undetected until Grett fires a shot, and up the elevator we go. Seeing Artificer Quailos he looks at the almost empty elevator ready to kill them all…all being Grett… Poor Grett.

Session 49
Drow are monkeys

As Taldus returns the party to Dunraven, and the group meets with Lalia to gain information on the Drow attempting her life. A quick couple of long hours tracking, and the group meets up with the Drow in a tunnel. A battle ensues that leads the group into a chamber with spider climbing Drow. A quick decisive spell from Gromril and most of those drow jumped off their safe roof to the ground.

Sorin not being a monkey, but being really hard to see caused havoc to drow. The sad part is Gromril looked at the madusa, and was turned to stone. He was carrying some stone salve for such an event. After the long battle and madusa lain slain by Grett and Ziane, Isaac, Ziane, and Grett agree to stay to watch over Gromril’s stone body. Sorin takes off to the glass coast to buy more stone salve, and Gromril is brought back to life. Right now the group can go back, or move forward.

Session 48
liches, assassins and boats oh my...

Previously in Dunraven…
What reamains of the party finaly confronts the lich in open battle. Our heroes slay the lich and capture six phylactry.
Returning to the mud ship the party finds the vessel commandeered and on the move. While planning their escape Kaz finds out the hard way that the Drazz Kadool employs more than jyst magical assassins at the cost of his life. Sorrin charms the assassin and grett and gromil make short work of the other two.

Gromril raises the fallen party members and the party finds an ancient silverkeep dwarf at the helm of the mud ship. Apparently this dwarf is the inventor of the mud core, abd is no true friend to the Drazz Kadool. After a heated debate taldus is contacted and teliportation is aranged.

Session 47
Secrets of the Mud Ship

Previously in Dunraven…
A foreboding message;the Zomberine has been spotted and is holy 10 minutes out. Our heroes enter the sunken mud ship Malaris discovering a slew of dead crew members and a strange magical contraption the “mud core”. Exploration of the cargo hold reveled a two way planar gate. This gate led them to a strange demi plane where they encountered a halfling lich. The lich summoned a terrible monster and was guarded by a alchamical goulm, thus much battle ensued. By sessions end Zion and Isack lay dead, and the lich yet defeated.

Session 46
They Have a Zombarine!

Previously in Dunraven…
The heroes of Dunraven find themselves in dire straights Sorin Venser is a monkey, Isaac Geldhaven is wounded, Zurch is being chased by Asgadar’s samurai guards, kaz is missing, Zion and grett are enslaved and poor Gromril is dead. Isaac zurch and sorrin escape the samurai by hiding on a roof top. While on the roof they spot the drollabarain ship go up in flames and a strange submarine made of zombies. In over their heads Sorrin, Isaac and company return to Dunraven to rest and hopefully treat Karoo who is unresponsive. Zurch is able to rouse Karoo however he’s not karoo anymore. He claims to be the captain of King Wallace wellionton the 2nd guard. The last thing he remembers is chatting with Grails about being the kings servant, than he was trapped in walls of pink glass. Zurch believes Grails possess an artifact of Oldamara used to possesses people, karros’s soul is trapped in this artifact.

After some rest, and getting gromil raised from the dead the party returns to Asgadar and Sorrin disguised as a half dragon noble gets Grett and Zion rescued before they have to fight to the death in the arena. While Ovral, Isaack and Gromil retrieve Karoos secret notes from the slave he hid them with. After some complicated translations, Isaack belives he can locate the mud ship Mallaris. The party than sets out to make contact with the dwarves of clan Black anchor in the hopes of finding the Mud Ship Mallaris.

The party makes an ally of Captain Lan Mono of the centennial eagle and travel to the dangerous great eastern trench, and use a strange diving vessel to descend to the bottom of the ocean where they locate the Malaris, and are attacked by drowned undead…

Session 45
Now Presenting Lizard Choker & the Seaman!

The sun dawns on a new day, Grett and Ziane are talking to people in the Colosseum and sizing up their opponents. The drow has a plan to get out of the arena by killing everyone. Good plan, solid plan…I like it…only one problem, Ziane… But we’ll get to that a bit later. The lizard man speaks in slitherin and nobody can understand him so I’ll just shrug that off like he’s just dazed and confused as to why he’s chained to a wall and not eating people. A dwarf from clan Blackanchor(here is my question, why do all dwarves have colors before their profession in their clan name. It’s weird, no individuality and opens up for a lot of incestial relationships… Come on have a bit of class, name yourself Ulrick von Giant Ball Crusher or something… Give yourself a bit of snazz.) Anyway Blackanchor came from the Sentenial Eagle where he was captured by pirates…oh hey look a pirate! Well to put this long story short, Grett pisses off the lizard man, Ziane gets paired with the honorable dwarf, and Grett gets stuck with a pirate and lizard man…

Karoo is armed with bolas, Ziane grabs a trident, Grett grabs two javalins, and lizard man…Oh lizard man grabs a longsword to lob off Grett’s wrist. Yup, no honor umongst reptiles. So the drums play, as Sorin, Gromril, Isaac, Zurch, and Versile all watch from the stands. Grett looses his arm…just kidding! He almost looses his arm, but instead he stabs reptile to death before he can spit poisonous acid black mucous in Dennis’s face…(wait wrong movie) before he can lob off Grett’s wrist. Grett then returns the favor by lobbing lizard mans arm… Ziane protects Karoo while killing a tiger, and other men…yes Ziane is a baddass. Grett attacks the drow, and having no weapon decides the best way to kill an assassin is to choke him to death with a chain and mr. lizard man’s arm still attached. The drow, I would really like to know what was going on in his head…like “Oh god what the shit! I’m getting choked out by a pigme! Fuck this…is that a lizard hand…where is it…why the fuck, always with the god damn eye!” So Grett choked out the Drow, stabs him in the face with the claw of the lizard man, and breaks his neck leaving him a blind carcass for Hades to see in amusing wanderings screaming for retribution. Ziane tries to talk the honorable dwarf into playing dead, but that fails and they have a battle to the death.

Krim the concurred enters the arena and shakes Ziane with his voice… He killed the high king…with his voice!…. Then charges into battle. Grett and Ziane take up flanking positions and drop him fairly quickly because they both are badasses. They are brought by a man named Romril…he’s a filthy gnome and I wish silver was still alive to have his head as a meal with him.

Moving onto Isaac, Sorin, Zurch, Versile, Gromril…and….Orval. They find out that Romril has backed out of the deal and sold Karoo to Meeri…I told them that taking care of her would be the best option but no… So, Sorin and Isaac were heading to Romrils but turn coated and went for the docs to meet up with Gromril and Zurch. They inform them that Meeri has Karoo. So the party sets out to Meeri’s tower. The door is locked and alarmed. A quick dispell gets passed the alarm, however the lock is still on the door…isn’t this tower stone? Oh dwarf! Stone shape please! Yup door falls off it’s hinges and the stone golem is ready to charge. Isaac fires a shot but misses….terribly…a stone golem…how sad… The rest of the party take up positions and the stone golem charges Isaac. Isaac tumbles back fires a shot, then throws his shortsword into the golem’s face. A couple rounds later the golem is dust, and Isaac is slowed. Sorin is invisible and wrecking havoc on the mage inside the room. The mage’s response? Turn Sorin into a monkey! Yeah that’ll show him! Sorin then pick pockets the spell component pouch off the mage, and casts invisibility. Invisible monkey havoc go!

Meeri confuses Isaac and Isaac gets into a fist fight with Zurch, attacks Zurch, wanders around, acts normally, fights people…just strangely confused…I don’t know what to do anymore. And there’s this dragon ogre thing from the docs now wandering around town in a mad confused rage…. Meeri gets blade barrier-ed by Gromril and her response? To caucophanic blast it’s pretty much a sonic boom that liquefies Gromril. Sorin respons in kind with a silent still image of himself and throwing his voice to allow the other mage to lightnig bolt his friend to death… Tricky invisible monkey. Then he steals his spell component pouch and gets melf acid arrowed to near death. Isaac has now a clear head and shoots the mage to death. Zurch is down, Sorin is dying..kinda…and Gromril is dead. Karoo is still alive thankfully but we don’t know how much information was let loose from his very loose lips. Also no sign of Grails. Isaac being the only one left alive…kinda… Grabs Gromril, and his stuff and heads out to find a way to bring his buddy dwarf back to life. He also has a new pet monkey with spell casting abilities.

On a mental note, we really need a wand of dispell.

Session 44
Bet you thought that ghost was real....nope Chuck Testa....

Previously in Dunraven… as told by kyle

The group arrives in the dragon isles, greeted by an ogre of a dragon…man… The dragon…ogre…man…thing tells them no trouble or the samurai will kill you. ‘Nuff said. Sorin left to find information on Orval, Karoo’s brother and leader of the a local thieve’s guild. Kaz, Zurch, Ziane, and Gromril investigate around the island for a magic shop, or wizards tower if you prefer. Sorin returns with some information on Orval and asks Grett and Isaac for help in defeating the Test of Agility(as I am dubbing it now….yeah, that sounds about right…)

Mira(I think that was her name, it might be Meeri….I think it’s Meeri…either way who knows things change on a constant basis around here…one moment Thorpal is fine, the next it’s burned to the ground trampled by Grevetians and Fleshling Constructs…anyways) invites the four, Kaz, Zurch, Ziane, and Gromril, into her tower. After a bit of conversation Gromril asks if Meeri could scry on a man named Grails(yes that old man with the couldy eyes and the mean stare…he also poured water on my foot.) She gets a bit weirded out by the request as if she knows something and only Ziane and Zurch pick up on the change in behavior. She sends the party away for the moment and tells them that she will send word when she finds any information on him. Take note about the giant stone golem in the middle of the shop…may come in handy later… Also to keep note: You’re being trailed.

Back to Orval, so Sorin, Isaac and Grett are led down into a holding area persay… Anyways there seems to have been a semi hostile takeover with Orval’s guild. Some want to be the black cats, some want to be the silver ravens, some want to die….I’m sure… So the three enter this room with a pit, a tight rope, a mechanical lizard eating pie thing, and a lock, or something like that… As the group is navigating through this obstacle course of deadly pie eating mechanical lizard pit thing of death, they finally succeed in unlocking the golden arch(sorry no mcdouble for Isaac). Isaac steps through and lights a torch to almost be clocked in the head by Orval wielding a rapier. (Yup double handing that shit…wait…Orval’s an elf…he…this…why the hell is he double handing a rapier?) After the situation calms down from Isaac’s almost lobotomy(I went to spell check that word and apparently it gave me Islamabad…then Latoya…so…removal of a lobe of the brain is now a ghetto name…) he informs the party that his brother Karoo is to be executed in the Colosseum. Also he was attacked by Meeri, yeah that mage girl…that wizard with the golem…didn’t see that coming did ya? Sorin, Orval, Grett, and Isaac devise a plan to save Karoo involving the purchase of slaves and all…wait a tick…this means we have to get arrested…crap…

Back at the Halberd for a meeting with the rest of the group. Situations are explained and Ziane and Grett agree to go into the Colosseum. Isaac investigates a boat previously seen of the Halberd’s bow and is now preparing to sail away. Sorin decides to investigate Meeri. Gromril and Kaz stay at the ship…lucky them…

We’ll start with the Halberd. Kaz, being invisible and all, sits in his room and counts splinters in his hands or something like that…(listen do you really want to know what Kaz does in his down time? Really? Yeah I thought so…) Gromril goes to pray to Mordrin with Ulrick, which consists of drinking…and more drinking…probably more drinking… A ruckus on deck pulls Kaz and Gromril out of their rooms to save a man overboard with cut rope. When they get back to their rooms they see that their rooms have been ransacked.

Onto Sorin, Sorin takes Grett and Ziane to Orval who get them arrested and take Ziane and Grett to the Colosseum. The meet Karoo and vow to protect him or get him to safety at least. Sorin then investigates the shipment that the ship off the coast left. He heads to Meeri’s tower sneaking in and watching her odd behavior. Meeri sends word for Gromril, who comes cautiously.

Pause, and change the channel now nothing important is happening. Isaac swims out to the boat climbs up unnoticed and searches below deck. He didn’t find anything but lamp oil. So he stockpiles the lamp oil in front of the boat. Lights it on fire, and causes mass havoc lighting objects on the boat on fire. Like a bed, or sails, an oak desk that is holding shipment records…. Some of the shipmates believed Isaac to be a ghost, really, this was just the Thorn in Thalos’ Side having a bit of fun. Stab the rutter cable with an acid arrow and escaping the boat to swim back to the Halberd.

Back to Sorin. Meeri was scrying on Gromril, she set down her ball and whispered in the golem’s ear(told you this was going to be important). She then lays down on the ground after knocking an armor rack over. Gromril opens the door to find the Golem looking like it’s about to crush Meeri. He readies to charge, then hears Sorin yell, “This is staged, she’s not in danger.” To which Gromril turn coats and leaves. Meeri tries to dispell Sorin’s invisibility but fails. Sorin returns with a Touch of Idiocy, effectively making Meeri an average human in intellect standards. He gets stomped on by the golem for a second, then turn coats and runs back to the Halberd. Meeting back up with Isaac, Kaz, and Gromril they talk for a moment, and debate for a moment to take on Meeri and her giant stone golem. Taking it as a bad idea for now they hold off on apprehending Meeri, they wait patiently for Ziane and Grett’s return from the Colosseum.

session 43
Battle on the High Seas

Previously in Dunraven…
The Zurch and the party returned to the glass coast in order to hire a ship to sail them to Asgadar. A fair deal was made with Captain Duke of the Sea Halberd, but before the party left the glass coast Kaz received a strange message. The head of the man found dead in Karoo’s home with a eatherial creatures tongue stuffed in its mouth. Kazz having knowledge of extra worldly creatures knew that this was the calling card of an astral stalker, a race of interplanar bounty hunters, the hunt was on.
Half way through the journey a ship flying a strange flag bearing a silver ring around a black tower was spotted. captain duke didn’t recognize it so the Halberds course was adjusted to avoid the strange vessel. The party was awoke it the night by a massive jolt, on deck the main mast had been destroyed and the anchor dropped and fouled the ship was at a dead stop. A ship spotted in the distance flying the black flag of dragon shanks. the deadliest pirate sailing the eastern seas. It turns out the Halberd was damaged by one of its own crewman. the crewman was in a stupor saying “his eyes, his eyes” the party knew this met Grails was responsible,but before questions could be asked the battle was on, balls of pitch and crossbow bolts filled the sky as Captain Aida plied his deadly trade. Isaac Geldhaven, and Kazanswered back with their own volley of arrows and fire. The parties battle hardened fighters Zaine Alexander,Grett Malbo, and Zurch, the Mad Wizardformed a boarding party and after a some expert seamanship by Captain Duke and the crew of the Halberd the battle was won.

Session 42
Adventures on the glass coast and the end of Mr Silver

Previously in Dunraven…
Kaz,Zurch, the Mad Wizard, and Taldus Servo arrived in the free city of the glass coast in search of Karoo, and Grails. Taldus and kazz were able to locate Karro’s home and inside they were met with a man by the name of Varile. Varile claims to be a member of a Grevite origination responsible for hunting down halflings and other undane remnants. Verile’s predisesser was in charge of protecting Karoo he now lays dead in Karoo’s home, the home thoroughly ransacked. After a search of the home Taldus discovers a secret room seeming non sacked, and containing a message from Karro indicating he fled to his brother. Kazz uses his knack for storytelling to convince a local bard to revel the story of Karroo and his brother Oraval. Most of the party had dealing with Orval back in DrollaBar. Taldus’s knowledge of local gossip allows him to inform the party that Orval is the head of the thieves guild on a dragon Island called Asgadar. Zurch manages to complete the parties shopping and reunites with Taldus and Kazz and they find learn of a captain by the name of Duke, who makes journeys to the dangerous island of Asgadar. The three mages and Verile tellaport back to Dunraven to reassemble the full strength of the party before hiring a ship.

Upon returning Dunraven KAzz, and Taldus learn of Sorrins coup against the Silver Fingers and that Isaacs Grivite companion has taken ill, hence Isack has mounted his peggasus and headed south. Sorrin convinces the party that haste is nessasary and they must move against Mr. Silver this very night. Hence the the dragon battle was on, and the party ended up victorious. By mornings light there were no more silver dragons in the south wilds, and the party was rich with the spoils.


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