Dunraven Chronicles

Session 31
Barn of mystery

Previously in Dunraven…
The Party contiuned its hunt for Thayadrid Greatwyrm, by heading to his last known location the former hide out of the silver fingers. After a heated battle in a barn Sorrin brokered a truce with Thayadrids not so marry men. however Thaydrids men had know idea where thaydrid or Cane Riden was located.
Further exploration of the silver fingers hideout reveled a shocking discovery. 3 Drazz Kadool assaions and a mind flayer interagating an old wounded silver dragon. After slaying the Drazz kadool and the death of the dragon. The party was able to study the notes of the assion ingratiating the dragon, and discovered.

slightly narrowed the search for the mud ship mallaris
apparently a lord Larazard in entombed in Dunraven
Salasaion the Silver dragon is mr. silvers father and thaydrid is his half brother
Thaydrid has a the bane dragon arsanol.

Session 30
bar fight

Previously in Dunraven…
The party limped back to Dunraven to lick their wounds. Upon arrival, the party discovered The Frosty Mug has been sold to Denadrel Harper. Thaydrid Greatwyrm and his men stole the the legion’s payroll forcing Dunraven to sell The Mug. Shaltoe has fled town.
Sorin and Zaine were attacked in The Fuzzy Slipper by dark cultists posing as Ulathor and several members of the wild watch.
Isaac was approached by Verris, the second conjurer, who wanted to buy his loyalty and betray Kaz.
Grett returns to inform the party that his tribe was attacked by fleshlings and a "robo-halfling’

Session 28-29
the lost library

Previously in Dunreaven…
Our brave adventurers explored the lost library of Undane lore and put its ghostly librarian to rest.
Lessons learned…

  • the party collected powerful tomes, the book of Undane lore, the great succession of cabals, and the teachings of Infernalis.
  • learned that the last museum of Undane treasures is in fact the “mud ship” Millaris.
  • Isaac Geldhaven discovered and decrypted an old Undane map which indicated there was an Undane fortress where Thorpel Lake now is.
  • an Undane spell book bearing the name Zucurious. the head master of the academy of bottled lore.
  • Kaz returned while in the Temple from a mysterious disappearance.
  • Taldis informs the party that a dark figured addressed his captors and said they have a meeting with Lord Gralic.
session 27
levels lost

Previously in Dunravens…
Sorin Venser is visited in the night by Dramin’s older sister, she steals his hat of disguise and leaves him in a precarious position. Dramin’s sister uses the hat to pretend to be Sorin and release her brother.

Kaz has going missing, Sorin discovers signs of a fiery struggle in his shack.

The party sets off for the Temple of Forgotten Heroes, inside they find two halflings and Taldus Servo alive. Taldus has been captive of Thailos this whole time.

The party enters the Lost Library via a seemingly endless spiral stair case along the way they are attacked by a strange voice, telling them to turn back. The voice has a tiefling accent. The entrance is guarded by two Undanes flashlings.

The party discovers a giant circular library filled with books on geography, local myths and nature.

session 26
wait... were eating babies?

Previously in Dunraven…

Standing victoriously over a pile of dead dark elves the party is rejoined by Grett Malbo. While looting the dark elf cleric the party finds a map of the under dark with a picture of a sarcophagi strangely familiar to Sorin Venser. He recognizes it as being from the temple of the lost heroes.

The party sneaks through the Grivitian camp and hides aboard supply wagons. However, the supply wagons are ambushed by Thayadrid Greatwyrm’s men. The party narrowly escapes picking up a prisoner Dramin. Dramin is thoroughly interrogated by Isaac Geldhaven.

Kaz had arranged a meeting with the Silver Fingers. The party meets Mr. Silver and learns of his strange taste in food. Mr silver informed that Thaydrid has over his old home. Thaydrid has captured Cane Riden and is using to make weapons.

The party eventually returns and turns Dramein in. Sorin informs his sister. The enlightened order was spotted in town.

session 25
out of the hole and in to the breach

Previously in Dunraven…
The party fights its way out of “the pits” and wages a bloody battle against the dark elves of House Millrenie. House Millrenie being apart of the A Dark Alliance. After a brutal battle much elf blood is shed but the party is victorious. Kaz is the last man/turnip standing.

session 23
jailbreaks and hobgoblins

Previously in Dunraven…
After an exstensive search of Thorpel Manor Kaz and Grett have found lady Thorpel, and two of Viceroy Mitsqerk’s gnomes guarding her. Before any plan can be taken Kaz is struck by an errant catapult shot and falls to his doom. Grett acting quickly fends of a Gravetion crusader and some soldiers while the lady and gnomes escape. Grett and Zion flea the city and safely make it back to Dunraven.

Isack Is able to get the lady out of the city but they are struck down by a catapult, and Isack if forced to run back to dunraven with the lady in a bag of holding. luckly isack is very good at running.

Sorrin’s trip in the camp yeilds little result.

After a very stressful 24 hours the Imperial 2nd legion arrives in Dunraven under the command of Lord commander Gralic. Thorpeldown is lost. its gnome population that couldn’t escape to dunraven has been wiped out, and the academy of bottled lore has been burned to the ground. The loss of Lore is uncountable.

Gralic arrives expecting to find Thayadrid Greatwyrm in charge of Dunraven, a testament to imperial origination. whom ever the lord or lady of Dunraven Sir Gralic has a mission from the emperor. Go to the elves of the white wood and get them to defend the western border of the half wood, or surely the south will be out flanked.

1st Sargent Alhalore, Lalia Ravenfeather, and the newly appointed Dunraven secret service sets out westward. After a long and dangerous journey the party arrives at black rock prison. A brief detour at the urging of Sorrin. Zurch had informed him that a dwarf, formerly a durgar imprisoned in black rock could help him make contact with someone who could remove his soul tick.

Upon decent in to the prison the party discovers the prison has been over ran by its inmates. it would seem that several mouths ago a non spell casting prisoner who worshiped the dark one, suddenly found him self with clerical powers. The party without there weapons and items must battle there way through the prison to rescue sorrin’s dwarf and restore order to the prison. Now more than ever the party misses their lost friend Kaz.

After rescuing the Dwarf sorrin leaves the group for a secret meeting and comes back with a much brighter outlook on life.

The party continues to the White wood, and is stopped several times by Hobgoblin horsemen operating on the plane. It would seem the hobgoblins are preparing for war against the elves of the white wood. The party knows that grobo’s hobgoblins living in the east were killed by the The Crimson Hounds, but grobo is under the impression it was the elves.

The party is arives in the white wood and is entranced by the spender of the elves home. After many diplomatic meetings with King Kurwin. It is apparent that the elves wont go to war with the gravetions as long as their own boarders are endangered by hobgoblins. Sorrin is determined to prove the elves innocence to the hobgoblins. The party arranges to meet with Big Chief Grobo. During the negotiations Grett is reunited with Gron, the hobgoblin the party saved from the temple of forgotten heroes. Gron convinces Grett that he should challenge Grobo for chiefdom of the tribe if he wants the hobgoblins to march on Thorpeldown instead of the elves. So right as Sorrin is making a valid point to Chief Grobo, Grett challenges Grobo to a battle to the death. With a bit of luck Grett narrowly defeats Grobo. Under the flag of Big Cheif Malbo the hobgoblins ride to bottle neck the Grevetions in Thorpel down from the north, and the elves of the white wood leave to defend the half wood.

session 24
dddddark elves?

previously in Dunraven
Zurch, the Mad Wizard has discovered that dark elves are trying to sneak in the reliquary of the citadel of swords right under the noses of the grivetian army. Before the party sets out to stop this obvious danger to the world. Kaz returns, claiming to have been kept safe and nursed back to health in Thorpeldown by some unknown force Kaz doesn’t name.

Sneaking behind enemy lines is a simple task for the Dunraven secret service. After defeating a strange monster of the underdark that nearly kills Isaac Geldhaven. The party falls victim to a dark elf darkness ambush, and zion and sorrin end up in pits.

Grett malbo was off getting hobgoblin crabs during this vital mission.

session 22
Air Raid

Previously in Dunraven…
Thorpeldown is quickly falling against the siege of the Grivtieon army refugees led by lord thorpel poor in to the town of dunraven. The refugees are under attack from above by grivtieon crusaders mounted on Pepsi. After a quick aerial battle the crusaders are killed or captured by our heroes.

Lord Thorpel charges the great mercenary grett malbo to save his daughter from the besieged city. Offering her hand in marriage to any who can save her. With isack as air support Kazz, zion, and grett launch a daring rescue.

Sorrin decides he will put his special tallents to use and reek some minor havoc on the Grivtieon camp.

however all will be in vain if the imperial legion doesn’t arrive in time to defend Dunraven and halt the advance of the Grivtieon army

session 21
Battle for Dunraven

Previously in Dunraven…
The party fights a desprate battle against Treevis Stormpeace and his mercanary army of The Crimson Hounds. A brief period of negotiations revels that Treevis is knows taldus isn’t really taldus. Also Treevis seems to have been in a battle, hes wounded, Father Chazzrid is his prisoner and he claims Thayadrid Greatwyrm is dead. Hes also very interested in Dash Underhill.

Sometime during the deadly street battle Father Devilyn and his new group a prison devoties escapes from lock up.

Durring the battle Sorin Venser disguised as Leila tricks Treevis Stormpeace and eventually kills him.


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