Dunraven Chronicles

session 20
Summon the Council

previously in Dunraven…
Resting in Thorpeldown, the party decides to warn it’s allies before returning to Dunraven. The party meets with Viceroy Mitsqerk and warns him of the coming danger, however they get the sense their not being taken very seriously. Our hereos set out to Black Forge inn to find it over ran with Grevity scouts. luckly the party is warned by Ulathor before wondering in to a trap. Ulathor informs the party that their close friend and fellow member of the watch Alfonzo has been killed, but Tobby and Reganold wait for them at a wild watch camp. The party informs Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds of the A Dark Alliance and sends warning to the Citadel of Swords.

The party Returns to Dunraven via the secret entrance to Dunraven Manor and introduces Barnard D’albo, and 1st Sargent Alhalore to Lalia Ravenfeather.

The party gathers the council members up and informs them that there shall be a council meeting at dusk to discuss something of the up most importance.

Strangely Zurch, Father Chazrid, Captain Baddock, and Thayadrid are missing from the meeting. Turns out Thayadrid ordered his body guard Rognarr to assassinate the council, and very nearly succeeded but was stopped by the party, and Dash Underhill who eventually used his magic to escape the building. Just before Rognarr died he whispered to Zion “Stop the dragons”. Rognarr may have been stopped but town hall was now surrouned by The Crimson Hounds, who were ready to finish the job.

session 19
It's a Party!

Previously in Dunraven… The characters find themselves in the heat of battle. Traped below Isaac Geldhaven, Sorin VenserGrett Malbo only hope for a escape is to destroy Klinky’s surprise tree. Luckily Lalia Ravenfeatherhas a plan, she has a supply of oil of impact, which Sorin uses to blast a chunk of tree away. The stand off between the Heavy Pockets Gang is escalated by Orval’s guile leading to Jovis giving klinky what would be a lethal dose of poison. Jovis trys to escape with the loot when he runs in to Old Faceless and meets his own end. Zaine Alexander returns in time to drive old faceless away before he can get to lalia, almost killing him.

After returning to the hide out, Orval and Daben take the loot and our heroes plan for their next mission.

Much information is gained from the party provided here A Dark Alliance

Sadly the party is unsucsussful in extracting Enaylis.

the party heads back south to plan their next move, but not before informing a high up in the imperial legion about the Dark Alliance. the party heads to Thorpeldown.

Session 18
The Heavy Pockets Gang

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes awake in Drollabar to find some sort of rally taking place outside of their inn. Thalen Tackmat is addressing the people of Drollabar, inciting them against the Empire. The heroes learn there’s going to be a party at the black keep in order to raise a war chest to over throw the empire and delegations from all across the realm will be in antecedence. The party sees this as a great intelligence gathering opportunity and signs up to help, but that’s not for a week.

The party is contacted by Enaylis a wizard serving in the DrazzKadool who claims to be a spy for the Empire. Enaylis informs the party of a way they can infilltrate a meeting of the inner circle of the DrazzKadool and its alies if they will help him escape. Enaylis also points the party in the direction of a new friend Isaac Geldhaven.

Sorin Venser’s contacts lead the party to the Heavy Pockets Gang where at long last they find the heir to Dunraven Lalia Ravenfeather. The only way Lalia was leaving her gang mates is if there was no more gang. a plan was hatched to pull one last heist. The big one, a raid on the Flying Ax guilds vault.

The Heist when all as planed until Klinky betrayed everyone. from the start Klinky and Jovis had a plan to leave the party behind to take the blame for the heist while they made away with all the loot. Kliky assumed Orvels loyalty was with him, but he didn’t know orval and Lalia were having a relationship. Kaz finds himself caught in a thieves stand off. Grett, Sorrin, and Isack find themselves trapped below, and Zion finds himself squaring off with Old faceless again.

session 17
Rivers, Roads, and Cities Fraught with Danger

previously in Dunraven…
After resupplying the party decided that the best way to get to Drollabar would be via the mighty Fernue river, so they sought to charter a boat up river, and were met with an old friend. Sully of the Dunraven Watch had fled the city and returned to his roots. Sully’s fine ship the “River Bitch” got the party up the river quickly. Upon reaching the end of there river journy the party came across another boat flying the Thorpeldown flag. sitting on its deck was a man tied to a pole. Closer investigation revealed the man Protecter Haldrid of the shining swords. Zion recalled he was responsible for contact with outsiders and most likely provided information about the location of Lalia Ravenfeather. His tounge had been cut out so he couldnt warn the party that Old Faceless had left a trap on his body. luckily Sorin Venser’s quick reflexes saved him.

Along the road the party was attacked by a party of Drazz Kadool assassins. The party learned how apt at their jobs these assassins were. Kaz was struck down, but some how the ruby he has carried with him since birth seems to have brought him back to life. In the end shield and axes won the day and the party was able to continue on to Drollabar.

Drollabar turned out worse than expected. Our hereos find themselves reunited with an old foe, Cult of the Dark one. The cult has a major presence in Drollabar. Sorin quickly makes himself at home and makes contact with the “The Cats” the largest thieves guild in town. Sorin follows up on there only real lead on the heir that she has been scene with a halfling. Sorin learns there are two halflings in town. One is Klinky leader of the smallest and least influential gang in town. the Heavy Pockets. The other halfling is Thailos Darkbottle, but to most he is known as Kadool, leader of the Drazz Kadool. The party finds a “safe” room for the night and trys to plan their next move.

In the morning the party awakes to the sound of a giant rally outside their inn. A man named Thalen Tackmat is addressing the people of Drollabar. Thalen captivates the crowd with a message of hatred towards the Empire, and love of the Dark One. Thalen brings out a prisoner, an Imperial spy and announces his life will be for auction at party to be held in the Black Keep. The party will be a fundraiser to raise money for what Thalen calls; the coming war with the Empire. Guests will include representatives from the far north, the kingdom of Grevities and Dunraven. The common citizen can help the war effort by volunteering their time at the party. Everybody but Zion signs up to help.

Surrounded by assassins, thieves and cultist the party hunts for the heir to Dunraven, the only one who can save their home from Thayadrid Greatwyrm.

Session 16
To the Citadel!

Previously in Dunraven…
The party races to the citadel of swords in hot pursuit of Old Faceless. Along the way they are reunited with Keel, who leads the party to his master Taldus Servo. Sadly Taldus has been killed. Taldus clutches a note in his dead hands. The note was informing Taldus that a member of the council of Dunraven is a member of the Silver Fingers, and that the Drazz Kadool, a deadly arcane assassins guild had been spotted in Thorpeldown,looking for the party. Its signed your friend in Thorpeldown.

The Party arrives at the Citadel to find it controlled by orks of the worg tongue tribe. Seems the large foot prints leading from black forge inn belonged to a strange tunneling machine. the orks used it to tunnel under the wall and catch the Order of The Shining Sword by surprise. Zian and Grett lead the charge in to the citadel, and with some help from Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds, and Ulathor the party retook the Citadel.

A brief discussion with Lord Protecter Comodos ensues. It seems the Citadel was vulnerable because the Holy Crusaders, the true warriors of the order were away on a mission to southern Greveties to follow a lead on one of the Shining Swords of Heironeous at the discretion of a avatar of St. Cuthbert. The Holly protecters were on a diplomatic mission to the capital of Greveties to assess the health of the very ill King wellionton, and assess the intentions of his two sons, should the king die. The Oldest of the princes serves as Grand Inquisitor the highest rank in the church of St. Cuthbert in Greveties.

The party chatted with 1st Protecter Sallis, who knew of the girl Old Faceless was to watch over. After he broke his oaths Sallis took charge of the girl, but she ran away. he has occasionally looked in on her with the help of divine intervention. Sallis infroms the party that the girl is a half elf and goes by the name Lalia Ravenfeather. She has been living in Drollabar and spends most of her time in the company of a halfling.

The Party decides to head to Thorpeldown to resupply and plan there journey to the retched Drollabar.

session 15
Welcome to Black Forge Inn

Previously in Dunraven…
Most of the party arrived at Black Forge Inn to discover trouble a foot. Sorin Venser as usual found him self in the most dangerous of situations. Alone on the 2nd floor facing down 2 “ninjas” and one warrior who’s combat training seemed to mirror his own. Sorin was able to bring down two of his foes before he was rendered unconscious by his old friend poison. Alas fortitude saves…
Back on the ground level Kaz, Zaine Alexander, and there former watch mates find themselves under fire from several concealed archers in the barn. However no foe remains in shadow when the mighty fire mage Kaz is about. He quickly “illuminated” the situation so Zian and Reganold could make easy work of the rest. Sadly Alfonzo had been brought down in the initial barrage, Tobby stayed with him, until the leader of this menacing force emerged. A devastating bowmen acrobat, whom severely wounded tobby and sent kaz running under the porch for cover. Not to worry no arrow is a match for the impenetrable defenses of Zion. Unless fired by Taldus Servo. Zion was able to quickly put the leader in retreat. Somewhere in all the chaos Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds came on to the scene surfing a team of dogs pulling a sled. With the help of Airamial, Zian was able to corner the skilled bowmen, but the curious man took his own life, shouting “for the king” before he could be captured.

Grett Malbo returned to Dunraven to find Thayadrid Greatwyrm named lord. He attempted to enter Dunraven Manor via a secret tunnel he learned about serving as Barnard D’albo personal sell sword. After much time waiting in the tunnel he was met by 1st Sargent Alhalore who according to Grett “seemed to be having a bad day”. Grett was able to drop off Renfell’s body resupply and get an update from Barnard. Due to attacks on his life Barnard was unable to attend the council meeting naming Thayadrid acting lord of Dunraven until his claim can be confirmed by the Emperor. Barnard, and Alhalore are basicly under house arrest in the manor for fear of their lives. The only one who has been in and out is Dash Underhill. Barnard seems to trust him, but Alhalore has his doubts and thinks the party should locate Zurch, the Mad Wizard. Zurch being the sage of Dunraven has sworn the oath of Bocob and therefore serves the lord of Dunraven whom ever that may be. The Mad wizard hasn’t been seen since the council meeting appointing Thayadrid.

Further investigation of the bodies reveled that the leader bore the tattoo of the kings hand. Airamail was able to explain that the “kings hand” was a secret well trained force of soldiers dedicated to carrying out any assignment that the kings army couldn’t complete. The best of the best, medieval special forces if you will. The “ninjas” all bore Tattoos dedicated to St. Cuthbert, further questioning by Sorin found that thought they had an incredibly outdated and strict interpretation of his teachings they were legitimate followers the St. of Justice. There was a sled in the stables designed to carry a heavy load, and large, square tracks leading from the stable in the direction of the Citadel of Swords. Dwarven children were found unharmed locked away in the dwarven side of the inn.

Reunited with Grett Malbo it is decided that Airamail and Ulathore would follow the tracks in the direction of the Citadel, Reganold and the other guards would recouparate in the inn and watch over the children, and the party would head to Old Faceless since he was the closest thing to a lead on the where abouts of the mysterious heir of Dunraven.

The Party finds the home of Old Faceless, sadly his mind seems to addled to talk, however he does mention something about an “infernal contract” and the Dunraven family, he also revels that the heir is a not a little lord but a lady, and little lady Dunraven was the first victim of Old Faceless, back at the Citadel of Swords. The battle doesn’t go well. Turns out old faceless is very skilled and tactical fighter with the ability to set traps. In fact his entire home was a trap, he dropped in on Zian and Grett. Old Faceless announces it will be a race to the girl, and makes a souvenir out of Zian’s eye before starting the “race”.

Session 14
Day Break

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes, whats left of them that is enter Astarielle Nightshadow“s sanctuary and battle the lady of the fountain on her home turf. Due to the tackfull negotiations of ”/campaigns/dunraven-chronicles/characters/zaine" class=“wiki-content-link”>Zaine and a little man handling from Sorin Venser Astarielle was subdued. The party learned Astarielle was infected, or possessed by something she received in a package delivered by Eagle Shipping and allegedly sent by Zurch, the Mad Wizard. This is the 2nd time the party has uncovered an attempt on a prominent individuals life seemingly by Zurch. No one in the party seems to believe that to be the case though. Sorin suggest it to be the work of Treevis Stormpeace a former high up in Eagle Shipping. Astarielle strangely back to her former self was able to restore the purity of the fountains and return the whether to its natural state. The Shines again.

Grett Malbo having had arrived shortly after the party entered the temple, finally reveils his true mission to the party. To deliver a letter to Sorin from Barnard D’albo. Barnard has found a notation in the Dunraven family archives that Zair or Old Faceless left Dunraven with an unknown infant in toe. The party is torn between carying on quickly to Old Faceless or nursing there wounds. It is decided that Grett Malbo will return to Dunraven as fast as he can ride, with the body of Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry to best preserve the body for a possible resurrection. The rest of the party will head to Black Forge Inn, which is somewhat on the way to old faceless’s home, for a quick rest.

On the road to Black Forge Inn the party bumps in to Airamail Warden of the South Wilds. Airamial informs the party that; the heads of the druids sent to Old Faceless’s are mounted on sticks outside his home, that the worg tongue is wagging, meaning that the Orkish Tribe of the Worg Tongue has been moving a lot in this area, very strange for the season especially considering the magically driven harshness of the winter, and there seems to be a few red hounds camped near by.
Further investogation of the “red Hounds” reveals that its old friends. Watchmen Toby, Reginald and Alfonzo. They came to have set out the find the party after the The Crimson Hounds tried to bring them in for questioning. The watchmen carry grim news, they dont know the details but it seems Thayadrid Greatwyrm is calling himself Lord of Dunraven now. The party sets out for Black Forge Inn. Upon ariveing at the Inn the party is met with dead bodies. What has happened at the Inn? A question for next time in Dunraven…

Session 12-13

Previously in Dunraven… The party sets out with Elthor to find Astarielle, moveing at unatural speed trough the harsh weather by means of a unholy dog sled Zurch, the Mad Wizard picked up while “on vacation” to 332 layer of the Abyss. The party meets Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood Warden of the South Wilds at Asarielle’s home and he informs them that Asarielle is not her friendly self, she imprisoned him here before leaveing for the temple of the bear. Airamail also heard Astarielle order two of her durids off to “old Faceless”‘s to bring him to her. Sorin Venser discovers a strange package delivered to Astarielle some time ago, containing a dead rat. It’s decided that Airamial and Elathor will go after the druids going to faceless-es and the party will head to the temple of the bear.

The party Explored the temple of the bear and barely slew the infamous Black Boots, an unbearable barbarian bear….

The party descended in to the Fountain sanctuary and battled Astarielle’s most devoted and un scrupulous followers. The party defeated the challenge of the fountain and entered the beautiful but deadly fountain garden, where Kaz accidentally killed Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry.

session 11
Vie for Power

Previously in Dunraven…
After slaying the murder Corena Philips in Mrs Greth’s home the party is informed that a home of a local noble family has been captured by thugs and the family is being held hostage. Dawn approchs and set up for Thayadrid Greatwyrm‘s address nears completion. The heroes with aid from fellow guards men Alfonzo and Sully storm the house and subdue the thugs with out loss of life, quick interrogation of the thugs seem to point to lair in the city,being backed by the Silver fingers.
As Thayadrid’s address begins its obvious that some of Dunravens key players are missing. No one in the watch can locate 1st Sargent Alhalore, Barnard D’albo, and Patriarch Blackhammer are also strangely absent.

Thayadrid Greatwyrm’s address is stuning he is joined by Father Chazzrid Captain Baddock. Captain Baddock announces that the city watch is no longer able to maintain order in the city given the recent murders and crime wave, and that Thayadrid has graciously offered to provide a security force for the city. a company of The Crimson Hounds march in to the city proper to join the crowd, many cheer. Thayadrid Greatwyrm also informs the people that he will end the absence of the sun by conducting a trial to assertain the innocence of Father Devilyn and see Pealor appeased. Father Chazzrid sighting Thayadrids feeding of the people, in this time of crises, that the church and a majority of the council of Dunraven support this show of power by Thayadrid the last noble left in Dunraven. The Red Hounds are than dispatched to track down the stronghold of the thugs in Dunraven and eradicate them. Zurch, the Mad Wizard informs the party that sevral influential cittizens includeing 1st Sargent Alhalore often meet in secret to discus problems that have arisen since the death of Lord Dunraven, and it would seem very likely that there absence from this event is no accident and they may be targets of the Hounds if not found soon. Taldus Servo uses one of his many magic tricks at his disposal to ascertain Alhalores location.

The party splits up, Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry, and Sorin Venser break in to Thayadrids house to discover he has a strange love of snakes and a hidden door with no handle.

The rest of the party find Dunravens secret council in the distillery, everyone but patriarch Blackhammer under the effects of some charm spell, Blackhammer claims an elf did it. The party manages to get everyone out before the Red Hounds come storming up the sewer. Its later discovered that a trail of evidence was placed in the sewers linking the thugs and leading right to the distillery.

1st Sargent Alhalore and the party retire to Zurch, the Mad Wizard secret home. Barnard D’albo returns to Dunraven manor to further research the heir to Dunraven the city needs another Dunraven more now than ever.

The party meets Elthore of the wild watch, Halbro’s cousin. Elthore informs them that the order of the Fountain has been acting very peculiar as of late and that Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood Warden of the South Wilds has gone missing after going to check on Lady Astrile, Zurchs friend and leader of the order of the fountain. It is decided that a trip in to the wilds to locate Astrile and Airmail is the next best step.

Session 10
Captain Greth's Legacy

Previously in Dunraven… A murderer on the loose praying on women rich and poor, a wave of violent crimes all seemingly organized by the Silver Fingers, and possibly being directed from somewhere in Duraven, Thayadrid Greatwyrm Dunraven’s favorite son is soon to address the people at dawn, and the weather as only worsened, as if some divine force hides the sun and drives the winter wind.

Dunraven’s special investigators follow up on their prime suspect in the murders, Halbros the harpsichord player at the Fuzzy Slipper. The party thoroughly investigates Halbros, to the point of bringing him to the constabulary for questioning. He addmits to helping Thayadrid Greatwyrm acquire Fey Berry Wine through his cousin Elthore a ranger in the Wild Watch, but he gave it all to Thayadrid, who gave it to Correna Phillips; lead singer in the Fuzzy Slipper Band, and Halbros has an alibi at the time of the first and second murders, he was with his lover Dainty.
While investigating the Fuzzy Slipper Kaz notices Dash Underhill meeting with a stranger he doesn’t recognize. Dash’s visitor makes him self scarce before Kaz has a chance to talk to him.

The Storm worsens, and for the first night in many crime takes a break this night. The only people found on the streets are Gromil, Kaz and one rider in black leaveing the city in the night.

The next days brings sad news, watchman Lenny Hills and his wife Rosey were murdered in their home during the night. The crime scene reveals familial results, a lethal dagger wound and a heart carved on Rosey. In all their time together Lenny and Rosey only had one scandle, a night spent together between Rosey and the Captain Grith. This revelation, and the knowledge that all of the victims thus far were in fact former lovers of Captain Grith, leads the party to believe that Grith’s widow will most likely be the next target. Further more Correna was also a former lover of Grith’s and lost her job at the Raven’s Nest during a dispute with Grith over what there relationship really was. Attempts to locate Zurch for help scrying, however while meeting with Zurch. Zurch informs Taldus Servo, that an old friend of his Astarielle Lady of the Fountain has gone missing, and she might know something about this peculiar weather we have been having. Its worth noting that Halbros informed the party that his cousin a member of the wild watch, has also gone missing. what could be happening in the wilds out side of Dunraven? Zurch informs the party that if they would help by investigating Astarielle’s home, he could help them with a means of travel through the frozen wilderness.

It is decided that Mrs. Griths home will be staked out, and in the last minutes of the night just before the dawn, Correna strikes. A pitched battle is had but Correna is brought down.

Watchmen Sully and Alfonzo bust in to the room just as the battle comes to an end, " Sargent s we have a hostage situation!"


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