Dunraven Chronicles

Session 41
Brothel Battle, Round 2

Previously in Dunraven…
The party anxious to avenge Toby descends in to the depths of the Silver Maiden and barges in to the secret hideout of the Silver Fingers. Sorin Venser having the intention to usurp leadership of the powerful guild. The guild members cower in fear of our powerful heroes, but Dennadrill Harper, Salene Harper, Dash Underhill, and Daloh. the battle rages on until Daloh and Dash are dead, but most of the party is severely wounded. A peace is negotiated Selene and Dennadrill agree to give up the location of Mr. Silver, but Sorrin doesn’t get the exact leadership position he dreamed of.

Session 40
A Jump in Time

Previously In Dunraven…
Dunraven’s Heroes search the depths of the Shadow Forge looking for the crusaders of the Citadel of swords and the missing relic Light Bringer. The evil deurgers do their worst, but in the end the heroes prevail. Finding both friend, and relic but also a surprise. Upon release the crusaders are baffled at the promptness of their rescue, as it turns out they have only been in the forge for less than two days. It seems time moves at a much slower pace on this plane.

Upon their return the party discovers that over a month has passed on the material plane, and much has changed in the parties little world. After their leave a wave of flashlings arouse from the Fairnue and slew all the hobgoblin forces guarding the north passage, and headed to DrollaBar. The Gravetien forces followed in their wake and now lay siege to the city of Tempist Lord commander Gralic and the 3rd legion headed north to defend Tempist, now only the Wild Watch is left to defend Dunraven. A sad discovery also awaits the party. 1st sergeant Tobby has been murdered by the silver fingers in response to his investigation in to the missing gnomes. Also Zurch has been scrying on Grails and it seems he has traveled to the glass coast and his pursuing an elven man. The party assumes Karoo. A strange man from Isaac Geldhaven‘s past has resurfaced. Merphit Q Thagar the 3rd was a friend of Isaac’s father and wishes Isaac to return to Grevites and help a resistance end the tyranny that has taken root is Grevites.

Session 39
Bet you didn't think you would get eaten by a T-Rex?

Previously in Dunraven…
The party continues its search for the missing knights of the citadel of swords in the shadowforge.
many duregar are slain along with the kings T-rex. by the end of the battle the party is re grouping but Taldus Servo , and Isaac Geldhaven are separated from the party.

Session 38
I think its a guy holding a torch... Nope

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes return to seek the council of Zurch, the Mad Wizard on what exsactly they should do with Qualafack. After a long debate it is decided that Qualafack will be turned to stone and stored in Zurch’s magic chest; Chesty for safe keeping.

The party turns it’s attention to Isaac Geldhaven’s unfortunate curse, and summons Mettriss for guidance. The party will venture across the planes to the Shadow forge in hopes of rescuing the missing knights of the order of the shining sword and in doing so rid Isaac of his curse.

Shadow forge’s entrance is well guarded, but team Dunraven prevails in defeating the initial monsters and guards, but what lurks in the depths of the shadow forge.

session 37
3 funerals and an interrogation

Previously in Dunraven…
Zurch reunites Taldus and Grett with the rest of the party outside the secret passage underneath Lord Laharazad’s statue. Our heroes out wit two deadly puzzle traps blocking their way and slay a terrible bone dragon guarding the final level of the vault. Grett is sadly slain by the dragon. However the party discovers that without the Unkind Trident of Dunraven the vault the party believes to contain the mysterious contract cant be opened. So a return trip to Dunraven is in order.

Shortly after the parties return to Dunraven several intriguing events occur; Zurch, the Mad Wizard seeks Taldus’s wisdom on weather Zurch should allow Dash Underhill back in to his good graces and possibly succeed him as the sage of Dunraven, Oric Lord commander Gralic‘s former squire approaches Zion, and asks to become Zion’s squire because Lord Gralic dismissed him and black balled him in the noble community in the legion, Sorin Venser informs the party he thinks the surviving members Order of the Shining Sword might be in the catacombs under the ruins of the Academy of Bottled Lore, and Grett Malbo is raised from the dead.

The party locates and rescues the surviving members of the order of the shining sword, some refuges, and Head Master Zucurious however lord commander Commados has been killed, a reserved man named Bellamear is now the commander of the order. All of the party returns to Dunraven except Sorin, Sorin leaves the group for a few days is only explanation is that; “information comes at a price.”

Upon returning to Dunraven Zion, Isack, Gromril, are confronted by several legion solders, and arrested for treason, upon order of Lord Grallack’s order. Isack resists, and is tortured.
The books the party, acquired from the lost library were taken from them while they were in custody. Isack discovers that Grallack is under the control of Grails a powerfull mind bender. Isack was forced to divulge the location of lord Lahrazad statue.

The party races to stop grails and is ambushed by a mob of Drazz Kadool assassins, after slaying the assassins sorrin, and Isack lay dead, but grett, gromril, and zion retrieve the contract, only to discover its an imp named Qualafack

Qualafack informs the party that the contract reads that, Dunraven will prosper as long as a Dunraven is the lord of the city, and no mortal harms Qualafack, if these terms aren’t met than lord Infernolis returns to the material plane to claim DUnraven.

Session 36
loose ends

Previously In Dunraven…
The party finds Cane Riden an aged shell of a man, it turns out the Undane Artifacts of creation use life fore to power them.

After returning to Dunraven Sorin Venser decides to travel to the city of Tempist and has Drailen raised from the dead.

Dubby has a drazz kadool cloak collected off a strange man caught talking to an old man in a mirror.

Zurch has changed the book from lord laharazad’s tomb from stone to flesh, and the book turns out to be a ledger. One entry mentioning Dunraven entitled Qualafac is found, and a star chart pointing to a location in the half wood.

Zurch asks the party about Karoo an elven poet, apparently lord commander Grallack was asking about him.

Sorrin, Isack, kazz, and Zian set out for the half wood. The location in the ledger turns out to be an old Undane village, with a statue of Lord Laharazad in its center. the statue leads to am underground passage.

session 35
year and stories end

previously in Dunraven…
The party plans an elaborate ambush for their rocksasha nemesis, and it succeeds. The party makes it back to Dunraven, and hands over the vile artifacts to zurch for save keeping. It seems since the party’s trip to the north a street war between the Silver Fingers and Thayadrid Greatwyrm has broken out and several of dunravens civilians have been killed.

The party uses its extensive knowledge of the land to figure out where Thayadrids hideout is and finally take the fight to him.

After a terrible battle Thayadrid Greatwyrm, Captain Baddock, are both dead.

Session 34
Merry Christmas

Previously in Dunraven…
The party sets out for the evil frost giant Santa Claw’s workshop/ mine, the only place in the realm one can find black iron.

After a hard fought battle the party clears the mine of all of Santa’s evil orks and minions, sadly due to some tacktical errors Kaz has died, but the party’s new friend believes there is a healer in town who can raise him from the dead.

session 33

Previously in Dunraven…
After leaving the Citadel of Swords Grett Malbo,Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds, Isaac Geldhaven, find themselves in the middle of a nasty bog hot on the trail of Ulathor, Airmails 2nd in command and long time friend of the party. Taldus Servo, had retired to Astarielle Nightshadow’s grove for some much needed rest. While the others are out scouting Grett is visited by a Rocksasha wielding the Artifacts from the reliquary. He promptly thanks grett for his service to Thailos and informs him that he will be prepared to arrive in Frostfell in a week in order to mind the black iron to forge the key of infinities, So that lord Infernolis can be released.

The party reunites to free Ulathor, as it turns out there was a secret lair under the bog being used by the cult of the dark one and led by non other than Father Devilyn. Grett slays Devilyn, but the party finds more than just Ulathor in the dungeon. The party finds Toby, apparently he had been replaced by an impostor days ago. The party rushes back to stop whatever foul play the fake Toby was up to.

Fake Toby had went in the crypts below Dunraven manor using members of the watch to trigger the crypts denseness. The party finds the tomb of Lord Larhazard infernal arbiter, and it has been looted. Fortunately for the party fake Toby ran out of watchman and fell victim to the last trap of the crypt turning him and his ill gotten gains to stone. the party now posses a stone book from lord Larhazard’s tomb.

The party sets out for frost fell to stop Grett’s Rocksasha friend, they find the town over ran by giants and orks. The party makes friends with a family hiding in their home. Sorin Venser meets Frostfell’s sage locked up in a library who informs him that a strange mine out of sink with the planes near by is the realms only known source of black iron, but its currently under the control of a frost giant tribe.

session 32
Capture and Release

Previously In Dunraven…
The session begins with the party reuniting at the grave of there fallen friend Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry, The slalom moment is broken up by several men at arms bearing the mark off House GreatGriffen. Sir Alaster of House Greatgriffen has requested an audience with Kaz, and Sorin Venser. The party’s combined knowledge revels that house great griffen was once a powerful house but sadly they allied themselves with a house that made an enemy of the emperor and at the battle of four sons the all the nobility of the house was wiped out. Sir Alaster was the former weapon master of the house, and is now a knight serving under Lord commander Gralic in the 2nd legion’s campaign in the south. Sir Alaster has also hired many Thorpeldown refugees to serve as his man at arms due to the houses weaken state.

Sir Alaster informs the party that the Griviti army has retreated back behind the walls of Thorpeldown for some unknown reason and the Lord commander has tasked him with finding out why. apparently Sorrin’s name came up on a list of possible intelligence operatives. Sir Alaster claimed there was a member of the Black Cast working in the area but Sorrin Strangely knew nothing. Alaster also wanted to bring Kaz along for the “fire power”.

A member of the wild watch named Gadoris rode in to town looking for Protector Zion and Big Chief Malbo. Apparently the wild watch was decimated in an ambush a few days ago. Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds, and his 2nd in command Ulathor have been captured and Gadoris knew Grett and Zion would help the wild watch.

So the party set out on two separate missions, Zion Kaz and Sorrin set out with sir allaster to fetch some griviti prisoners for questioning. Upon reaching the rendezvous point rather then meeting up with legion soldiers, they met up with the enlightened order. The council of 8’s personal security force, who tried to apprehend kazz on be half the the 2nd conjurer. A fierce battle ensued. Zion, kaz, and sorrin escaped but and met up with the legion, but House great griffin is surly a new enemy.

Grett, Talddus and Isack set out in search of Airamil and Ulathor, They found evidence of a battle and false wild watch men. the wild watch had been infiltrated by the The cult of the Dark one. Airamil it seemed had been taken to the citadel of swords. the citadel seemed to be in an uproar a huge party was going on. A boat bearing the sigil of Wallace Wellionton the 3rd the grand inqiusator, king of the Grevetions and launcher of the crusade against Ramore. The big man was in town. Isack, grett and taldus infiltrate the citadel using the secret reliquary tunnels. Isack frees Airamil, only two find Taldus and Grett messing with artifacts in the dark vault. Isack and Grett are cursed by Herounious.


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