Dunraven Chronicles

Session 14
Day Break

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes, whats left of them that is enter Astarielle Nightshadow“s sanctuary and battle the lady of the fountain on her home turf. Due to the tackfull negotiations of ”/campaigns/dunraven-chronicles/characters/zaine" class=“wiki-content-link”>Zaine and a little man handling from Sorin Venser Astarielle was subdued. The party learned Astarielle was infected, or possessed by something she received in a package delivered by Eagle Shipping and allegedly sent by Zurch, the Mad Wizard. This is the 2nd time the party has uncovered an attempt on a prominent individuals life seemingly by Zurch. No one in the party seems to believe that to be the case though. Sorin suggest it to be the work of Treevis Stormpeace a former high up in Eagle Shipping. Astarielle strangely back to her former self was able to restore the purity of the fountains and return the whether to its natural state. The Shines again.

Grett Malbo having had arrived shortly after the party entered the temple, finally reveils his true mission to the party. To deliver a letter to Sorin from Barnard D’albo. Barnard has found a notation in the Dunraven family archives that Zair or Old Faceless left Dunraven with an unknown infant in toe. The party is torn between carying on quickly to Old Faceless or nursing there wounds. It is decided that Grett Malbo will return to Dunraven as fast as he can ride, with the body of Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry to best preserve the body for a possible resurrection. The rest of the party will head to Black Forge Inn, which is somewhat on the way to old faceless’s home, for a quick rest.

On the road to Black Forge Inn the party bumps in to Airamail Warden of the South Wilds. Airamial informs the party that; the heads of the druids sent to Old Faceless’s are mounted on sticks outside his home, that the worg tongue is wagging, meaning that the Orkish Tribe of the Worg Tongue has been moving a lot in this area, very strange for the season especially considering the magically driven harshness of the winter, and there seems to be a few red hounds camped near by.
Further investogation of the “red Hounds” reveals that its old friends. Watchmen Toby, Reginald and Alfonzo. They came to have set out the find the party after the The Crimson Hounds tried to bring them in for questioning. The watchmen carry grim news, they dont know the details but it seems Thayadrid Greatwyrm is calling himself Lord of Dunraven now. The party sets out for Black Forge Inn. Upon ariveing at the Inn the party is met with dead bodies. What has happened at the Inn? A question for next time in Dunraven…

Session 12-13

Previously in Dunraven… The party sets out with Elthor to find Astarielle, moveing at unatural speed trough the harsh weather by means of a unholy dog sled Zurch, the Mad Wizard picked up while “on vacation” to 332 layer of the Abyss. The party meets Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood Warden of the South Wilds at Asarielle’s home and he informs them that Asarielle is not her friendly self, she imprisoned him here before leaveing for the temple of the bear. Airamail also heard Astarielle order two of her durids off to “old Faceless”‘s to bring him to her. Sorin Venser discovers a strange package delivered to Astarielle some time ago, containing a dead rat. It’s decided that Airamial and Elathor will go after the druids going to faceless-es and the party will head to the temple of the bear.

The party Explored the temple of the bear and barely slew the infamous Black Boots, an unbearable barbarian bear….

The party descended in to the Fountain sanctuary and battled Astarielle’s most devoted and un scrupulous followers. The party defeated the challenge of the fountain and entered the beautiful but deadly fountain garden, where Kaz accidentally killed Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry.

session 11
Vie for Power

Previously in Dunraven…
After slaying the murder Corena Philips in Mrs Greth’s home the party is informed that a home of a local noble family has been captured by thugs and the family is being held hostage. Dawn approchs and set up for Thayadrid Greatwyrm‘s address nears completion. The heroes with aid from fellow guards men Alfonzo and Sully storm the house and subdue the thugs with out loss of life, quick interrogation of the thugs seem to point to lair in the city,being backed by the Silver fingers.
As Thayadrid’s address begins its obvious that some of Dunravens key players are missing. No one in the watch can locate 1st Sargent Alhalore, Barnard D’albo, and Patriarch Blackhammer are also strangely absent.

Thayadrid Greatwyrm’s address is stuning he is joined by Father Chazzrid Captain Baddock. Captain Baddock announces that the city watch is no longer able to maintain order in the city given the recent murders and crime wave, and that Thayadrid has graciously offered to provide a security force for the city. a company of The Crimson Hounds march in to the city proper to join the crowd, many cheer. Thayadrid Greatwyrm also informs the people that he will end the absence of the sun by conducting a trial to assertain the innocence of Father Devilyn and see Pealor appeased. Father Chazzrid sighting Thayadrids feeding of the people, in this time of crises, that the church and a majority of the council of Dunraven support this show of power by Thayadrid the last noble left in Dunraven. The Red Hounds are than dispatched to track down the stronghold of the thugs in Dunraven and eradicate them. Zurch, the Mad Wizard informs the party that sevral influential cittizens includeing 1st Sargent Alhalore often meet in secret to discus problems that have arisen since the death of Lord Dunraven, and it would seem very likely that there absence from this event is no accident and they may be targets of the Hounds if not found soon. Taldus Servo uses one of his many magic tricks at his disposal to ascertain Alhalores location.

The party splits up, Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry, and Sorin Venser break in to Thayadrids house to discover he has a strange love of snakes and a hidden door with no handle.

The rest of the party find Dunravens secret council in the distillery, everyone but patriarch Blackhammer under the effects of some charm spell, Blackhammer claims an elf did it. The party manages to get everyone out before the Red Hounds come storming up the sewer. Its later discovered that a trail of evidence was placed in the sewers linking the thugs and leading right to the distillery.

1st Sargent Alhalore and the party retire to Zurch, the Mad Wizard secret home. Barnard D’albo returns to Dunraven manor to further research the heir to Dunraven the city needs another Dunraven more now than ever.

The party meets Elthore of the wild watch, Halbro’s cousin. Elthore informs them that the order of the Fountain has been acting very peculiar as of late and that Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood Warden of the South Wilds has gone missing after going to check on Lady Astrile, Zurchs friend and leader of the order of the fountain. It is decided that a trip in to the wilds to locate Astrile and Airmail is the next best step.

Session 10
Captain Greth's Legacy

Previously in Dunraven… A murderer on the loose praying on women rich and poor, a wave of violent crimes all seemingly organized by the Silver Fingers, and possibly being directed from somewhere in Duraven, Thayadrid Greatwyrm Dunraven’s favorite son is soon to address the people at dawn, and the weather as only worsened, as if some divine force hides the sun and drives the winter wind.

Dunraven’s special investigators follow up on their prime suspect in the murders, Halbros the harpsichord player at the Fuzzy Slipper. The party thoroughly investigates Halbros, to the point of bringing him to the constabulary for questioning. He addmits to helping Thayadrid Greatwyrm acquire Fey Berry Wine through his cousin Elthore a ranger in the Wild Watch, but he gave it all to Thayadrid, who gave it to Correna Phillips; lead singer in the Fuzzy Slipper Band, and Halbros has an alibi at the time of the first and second murders, he was with his lover Dainty.
While investigating the Fuzzy Slipper Kaz notices Dash Underhill meeting with a stranger he doesn’t recognize. Dash’s visitor makes him self scarce before Kaz has a chance to talk to him.

The Storm worsens, and for the first night in many crime takes a break this night. The only people found on the streets are Gromil, Kaz and one rider in black leaveing the city in the night.

The next days brings sad news, watchman Lenny Hills and his wife Rosey were murdered in their home during the night. The crime scene reveals familial results, a lethal dagger wound and a heart carved on Rosey. In all their time together Lenny and Rosey only had one scandle, a night spent together between Rosey and the Captain Grith. This revelation, and the knowledge that all of the victims thus far were in fact former lovers of Captain Grith, leads the party to believe that Grith’s widow will most likely be the next target. Further more Correna was also a former lover of Grith’s and lost her job at the Raven’s Nest during a dispute with Grith over what there relationship really was. Attempts to locate Zurch for help scrying, however while meeting with Zurch. Zurch informs Taldus Servo, that an old friend of his Astarielle Lady of the Fountain has gone missing, and she might know something about this peculiar weather we have been having. Its worth noting that Halbros informed the party that his cousin a member of the wild watch, has also gone missing. what could be happening in the wilds out side of Dunraven? Zurch informs the party that if they would help by investigating Astarielle’s home, he could help them with a means of travel through the frozen wilderness.

It is decided that Mrs. Griths home will be staked out, and in the last minutes of the night just before the dawn, Correna strikes. A pitched battle is had but Correna is brought down.

Watchmen Sully and Alfonzo bust in to the room just as the battle comes to an end, " Sargent s we have a hostage situation!"

Session 9
Crime Spree!

Previously in Dunraven… Winter has set in hard and fast daily snowfall, frigid temperatures, and a the sun has not been seen for more than two months. Everyday more and more peasants take up vigil outside of the constabulary, praying for the release of Father Devilyn.More peasants from the countryside pore in everyday to seek shelter from the terrible winter and accept food from Thayadrid Greatwyrm. To make matters worse an awful string of muggings has hit the village, the muggers all armed with expensive weaponry.

Dunraven’s special investigators in rout to the morning watch meeting, when tragedy strikes. a scream is heard and Kylris Terioloris is flung from her balcony. Kylris was a noble woman of ill repute, her husband owns a share in a coal mine to the north. Business takes him from Dunraven often which gives miss Terioloris time to play. Further investigation of the crime scene revels she suffered a dagger wound before she was thrown over the balcony, she also has a heart carved into her chest and a harps-cord sting was found at the scene as well. A bottle of half drank Feyberry wine is found outside of the house. Feyberry wine being a rare valuable vintage, obtainable only through the order of the fountain.

Later that same day a group of organized thugs make a daring attempt to rob Shaltoe‘s shop, but little did they know Dunraven’s special investigators were on the job that day. Between the daring antics of Zaine, and the onorthadox tactics of Taldus Servo the robbery was foiled. After later questioning of the thugs it was determined that most were simple peasants, armed and trained by mysterious men in the woods between Dunraven and Thorpeldown. The peasants were told if they stole enough and did there part they would be allowed to keep the weapons and join a group in the city. this group having accesses to food and shelter. The minority of the group all bore a talon tattoo somewhere on there body, and corroborated the peasants story. It was decided that those bearing the talon tattoo were members of the silver fingers.

The next morning is met with interesting news, a poster; Thayadrid Greatwyrm to adress the good people of Dunraven at dawn 2 days time. What could Thayadrid have to say? Another body is found. Liddy Furlow aka Twinkle a dancer at the Fuzzyslipper was found murdered in her own home. Twinkle was killed by dagger, and a heart was carved on her chest. She was walked home last night by her friend Sparkle, and a musician by the name of Halbros. They were the last to see her alive. Halbros plays the harpsichord.

Session 8
Return to Dunraven

Previously in Dunraven…
The Party had rescued Zurch, the Mad Wizard form the Silver Fingers or the Cult of the Dark one depending on how you want to look at it, but Zurch was left terribly scarred from his stay with the Silver Fingers. (see his account in adventure 6). How could the Silver Fingers know his whereabouts and what spells he would prepare? A msystory for sure, but Zurch will surely be ever great-full to the party.

Upon return to Thorpeldown the party is met with an interesting site; Treevis Stormpeace ordering The Crimson Hounds to load food on a convoy for Dunraven. It would seem that the Hounds acting upon Treevis’s orders rescued Lady Kend in the night, and an agreement was reached between Treevis and Lord Thorpel. Food has been secured for the winter, rendering the parties primary mission completed, but not by them. Dash Underhill
has also resurfaced with a on conformable excuse for his absence.

Lady Kend, recounts and terrible tale to the party;

“The kidnapping was all a lie, in truth i ran away with my lover Doc, his people are being exterminated in the south wilds, he needed my help. I knew my father was somehow involved or at least new of the killings, perhaps if i put myself in danger he would act, but he failed. He told the Hounds where we were and they came in…. and… that bitch, she had them kill us all! every hobgoblin, not just the warriors the women and the children, they set up a circle and just starting firing with out asking questions, there were crossbow bolts everywhere, and choking smoke. Doc saved me, at the cost of his own life. It was teriable the Red Hounds are a brutal group with no regard for innocent life. I want vengeance! if anyone can bring me the head of the leader of the Red Hounds i’ll use all my political power to make your wildest dreams come true.”

The party returned to Dunraven to find Thayadrid Greatwyrm hailed as a hereo for bring food to the city, and Barnard D’albo was bed ridden having survived an assassination attempt. Certain members of the party further investigated the possibility of a hidden Dunraven heir. Barnard D’albo had some startling news.(someone should probably start a heir page on the wiki a?) The whether is turning unnaturally worse at an alarming rate, the people of Dunraven are very concerned.

Session 7
Mushroom Drop

Previously in Dunraven…
Dunraven’s special investigators have been dispatched to Thorpeldown to negoiate for food and assess the loyalties of Zurch, the Mad Wizard, however it has been discovered that Zurch has been captured, possibly by the Silver fingers, and that he will be handed over to the Cult of the Dark one at midnight. During the day the party scouts out the location of the exchange code named Mushroom Drop. a heated debate is had about boats, (Boats seemingly always a point of contention in my campaigns) but a plan of action is reached and the party returns to Thorpeldown for the time.

The night of the drop, before the party sets out for Mushroom drop, Viceroy Mitsqurk summons the party to disscuss a mater of great importance. The party crosses paths with Lord Thorpel’s mysterious visitor, its Treevis Storm peace. Mitsqerk informs the party that Lady Kend the daughter of lord Thorpel has been captured by hobgoblins and his being held at a secrete location until the “killing” stops. This is an opertunity to earn the favor of lord thorpel and secure food for Dunraven. However the seemingly wise Taldus Servo convinces the party that this is clearly just a plot by Thayadrid Greatwyrm to stop the party from rescuing Zurch. The party decides to heed Taldus’s council and proceed with their plan to rescue Zurch. Dash Underhill has been strangely missing for several days.

Zurch is delivered by what appears to be a boat, but sounds like a mechanical device, the party learns that the Cult of the Dark one employs monks and that a stunning attack can be a devastating one, but the battle is still a victory and the mad wizard is rescued.

Session 6
Thorpeldown, city on the river. quests, quests, quests and more quests! by the players

Previously in Thorpeldown as told by,Grett Malbo and Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry

Previously in Thorpeldown as told by, Kaz, Gromil, and Zian
Kaz: After deciding the group should split up to look for info on Zurch and the riots at the docks. Kaz, Gromil and Zian went to the Gnome District in search of information on Zurch when some interesting things happened to these three. While in the tavern asking around, we all got the same answer of Zurch hanging out with a friend and then going into a back alley, seeing a flash of light and no one coming out. Kaz and Zian went to investigate while Gromil was busy converting gnomes into followers of Mordrin and turning the tavern into a temple. Zian found some kids that had seen something happen and bribed them with some candy. With that information, Kaz and Zian went into the alley where Zurch was only to find a scorched corpse, a note, some weapons and a manhole. Kaz resisted the urge to go down the manhole fearing there might be something down there. The note was about Zurch’s spells he would have prepared and something about some stones that disable any sort of magic auras and interrupt spell casting. At this point we ran into Dash and went to the Dunraven post to share the information we had acquired. Dash had retired to his room shortly after to consult the planes to find out his existence. We found out from unknown sources, Sorin acquired information about where and when Zurch would be handed off to another mercenary group. We wanted to rescue Zurch at all costs…

Previously in Thorpeldown as told by, Keel, Sorin Venser, and Taldus Servo.

Previously in Thorpeldown as told by, Zurch, the Mad Wizard I arrived in Thorpeldown nearly four weeks ago, i was granted an audience with mq and after arguing with the little troll he informed me i would have to wait a week or two to see Lord Thorpal, because he was meeting with some one else. Viceroy Mitsqerk informed me if i could find out who the lord was spending so much time with he might be able to get me a meeting sooner. I considered it but it seemed better to watch Viceroy Mitsqerk squirm in the dark about his masters new friend. I retired to my quarters in the Dunraven compound to rest for it had been a long journey. I spent a great deal of my time at the Academy of Bottled Lore discussing a project i had been working on. two weeks later, the day before my meeting with lord Thorpal, I woke and prepared my spells for the road as always. I spent the day enjoying the pleasures of the “Gnomish side of the pond” as they call it in Thorpaldown. I have always had a soft spot for the little people, except halflings, nothing but trouble follows their little foot steps. I found my old friend Barkus, and we whiled the day away in the rolling stone, just like the good old days. After the Stone closed i headed back to the compound by myself, Barkus had headed home five minuets sooner, having promised his wife not to stay till close. Upon entering the street I heard a call for help coming form a near by ally, i was alone aside from a beggar on the street calling out for something called “Hoofty”. Must be a new ale i recall thinking. I went down the ally and saw a Barkus being pushed down a sewer opening. On instinct i tossed a lighting bolt at the nave, thinking this a simple mugging, followed by a quickened fly, i hovered over to the opening planing on going down for Barkus, but as i cleared the edge of the hole my spell failed me and i dropped to the bottom. My leg broke on impact, then they were on me, four of them beating me upon the head and garbing my arms. i attempted to cast a spell of escape but it would seem it was more than a simple dispel, for nothing magic seemed to work. before i lost consciousness the last thing i remember seeing was my dear friend Barkus laying face up with dagger plunged in to his heart. I than spent the next few days in a dark room, being fed portage, i couldn’t move, and i could barely breath for my wind pipe had a thin line cut in it. All i recal is the sound of waves washing up.

Session 5

previously in Dunraven…
A month has passed since Father Devilyn‘s arrest, fall is quickly becoming winter, however there seems to be more then the season change affecting the weather in the region. The sun hasn’t shined since Father Devilyn‘s arrest. Many beleive Dunraven is being punished for the arrest of Palors chosen acolyte . Dunraven’s special investigators have been made full time members of the watch with the rank of Sargent.

In the dead of night tragedy strikes, a fire erupts in the storage where houses next to the distillery, where all of Dunravens food is stored. Our heroes are divided about the town, to put the fire two things must be accomplished; the towns fountain can pump water at a great rate when needed to , and the priests of The Brotherhood of the Sun can summon water to fight the fire. Kaz and Zian both try to reach the temple only to find its doors arcane locked, and the building surrounded by silence spells. Zian will eventualy make his way in to the temple via a window, but sadly not in time. Sorin Venser, on duty that night quickly heads to the fountain only to be nearly slain by a crossbow bolt from the sky. The remainder of the guard attempts to reach the fountain only to be shot down or trapped by a magical grease spell surrounding the fountain. Alfonzo revives his wounded Sargent, Sorin Venser, only to himself be shot dead by the incredible sniper. Taldus Servo enters the scene finally, and saves the wounded guardsmen Toby. As the fire dwindles down, the sniper and her companion make a get away over the wall. Strangely the distillery is saved, further investogation reveals a fire break between the food and the distillery.

An emergency council meeting is called, despitZurch, the Mad Wizard‘s absence. Thayadrid Greatwyrm try’s to declare a state of emergency and take control of the distillery and Dunravens other interests. this idea is put down the players, Father Chazzrid voting against, and only Thayadrid Greatwyrm voting for. The guard couldnt reach a consenses and Dash Underhill, wasn’t permitted to vote absent his master. After being shot down Thayadrid Greatwyrm suggests that clearly the attack must have been commited by the missing Zurch, the Mad Wizard, and that he can provide the town with food. After another vote it is decided that the heroes and Dash Underhill will be sent to Thorpaldown to make contact with Zurch, the Mad Wizard assess his loyalty and negotiate a food agreement with lord Thorpel.
Special Cast Members
The Council

Session 4
End of the Dunraven line... Or is it?

Previously in Dunraven…
Dunraven’s special investigators find them selves wraping things up in the Temple of Forgotten Heroes only a few foes to slay, but many on answered questions. Armed with the knowledge that hobgoblins clearly wernt responsiable for the death of young Weston the 6th and a possible conspericy surrounding the Brotherhood of the Sun, our heroes set out in return to Dunraven with the body of Captain Grith, and a hobgoblin witness.

The short return journy is not without event, we discover Taldus Servohas little to no skill riding horses, and discover a strange hobgoblin mass grave. Grett Malbo applies his years of mercenary, and para military training to surmise that the hobgoblins were chased in to a prearranged kill zone and expertly and mercilessly shot down by crossbow fire. A very neat Professional job. Further down the road the the party encounters a group of The Crimson Hounds guarding the road. they warn the party they are conducting combat training so it wouldn’t be safe for them to continue down this road, and offer a alternative rout to Dunraven. Ariving at Dunravens gate bearing a hobgoblin and the late Captain Grith certenly stirs some intrest from the night guard 1st Sargent Alhalore is summoned immediately. The special investigators present there case to 1st Sargent Alhalore, and newly appointed Captain Baddock, 1st Sargent Alhalore is eager to investagate the temple if caution is used, Captain Baddock simpley seems intriuqed with the body of Captain Grith, and calling the matter settled since the body count at the Fuzzy Slipper was rather high.

The party decides to dam protocol and go to the Brotherhood of the Sun in the middle of the night for answers. The heroes meet the ever hungry claric Father Chazzrid(then brother Chazzrid) and his server Damon. A short investigation reveals substantial evidence incriminating Father Devilyn, even more startaling Father Devilyn is currently tending the ill Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th.

After bringing this to the attention to 1st Sargent Alhalore. it is decided that at dawn the full strength of the watch, and the Brotherhood of the Sun would be brought to bear on the powerful Father Devilyn. Surprisingly Father Devilyn admits nothing but goes willingly in to custody. The Lord Weston Dunraven The 5th is suffering the prolonged effects of dragonlocks poisoning and can’t be saved. Before he passes he grabs Renfell Mithlithdal Glitterhold Mickelberry and whispers “Trust no one,enemies are everywhere. Honor the contract! There is another Dunraven” as the lord says this he lurches out toward the Unkind Trident than passes. An emergency council meeting must be called before the town arises to the news of the lords passing. Barnard D’albo asks the special investogators if they will help him and fill the lords spot on the council, Taldus Servo,Kaz, and Gromil volunteer to join the council.

The council meeting is joined. Thayadrid Greatwyrm, objects to Barnard D’albo’s choosing the party to fill the lords spot, and claims that since he is the only noble left in the town he should take control of the distillery and any fill the role as leader of the town for the time being. Most of the council objects to this plan, but a plan must be made to deal with Father Devilyn. Zurch, the Mad Wizard sage of Dunraven suggests that he might go to Thorpeldown and ask lord Thorpel to come arbitrate a trail. The council hesitantly agrees.

Special Cast Members
Captain Baddock
Father Devilyn
Father Chazzrid
1st Sargent Alhalore
Barnard D’albo
Thayadrid Greatwyrm
Zurch, the Mad Wizard


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