Dunraven Chronicles

Session 56
An eventful Knight

Previously in Dunraven…
After being spread out across the south wilds our heroes eventually find themselves reunited in their home Dunraven. Zurch is finaly able to chat with Zion and Isack about there upcoming knighting. Isack grapples with the idea of getting married,and Grett Malbo and his new companion Exo enjoy a little much needed r & r.

Zion, Idack, and Alhalore are kngihted as planed however, in the midst of the ceremony a surprising turn of events takes place. Lord Thorpel refuses to knight Orval, but rather points out his common heritage and sketchy background to the crowd assembled, along with the back door dealings that lead to Isack, and Orvals knighting. Lord Thorpel declares that he would be a far better match for Leila because he is qualified to lead the old and storied house Dunraven, and proceeds to purpose to her right there in front of the town.

After much debate and chatter by the party it is decided that the party will not intervene and simply allow the politics to work them selves out regardless of the urging of, Zurch, Leila, Orval and Lady Dunraven.

At Isack’s bachelor party Grett is approached by a Grevite messenger who gives Grett a message from Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th , demanding to know when he will return to command the troops and informing him that the King has placed a bounty on his head of 20,000 crowns.

Isack marries Kend Thorpel and is accepted in to house Thorpel.

Session 55
Hire me or die...

Previously in Dunraven…
While exploring the halfwood for clues about the missing princess Elesondra the party is attacked by a viscous pair of forest sloths, however the sloths were no match for grett and zion.

Exo the druid the parties new Grevitei friend meets a helpful, and chatty squirrel that points the party in the right direction.

Arriving in the worn torn village of Lorris the party finds the conditions grim for surrendering imperial citizens on this front of the war. Using the call of the southern frost buzzard Grett is able to make contact with the remnants of the Wild Watch outside the village. A man named Dogar working in a den for substance abusing collaborators, should know where princess Elesondra is being held.

The party easily makes contact with Dogar who informs the party that Sir Coilios Wellionton has been charged with holding Ishmale Keep, and that some high profile prisoners have been taken there. Sir Wellington is son of Duke Coilios wellionton of Castle Freedom, and Zion points out that its strange that a member of the royal family would be delegated to guard duty unless it was an intentional snub by the Kings Justice.

The journey to Ismale Keep is uneventful, and after some birds eye surveillance by Exo the party deduces that capturing and posing as a one of the hunting parties leaving the keep each day would be the best way to gain entrance since the parties master of disguise is occupied elsewhere. After a bizarre but successful ambush the party enters the keep as hunters.

Issack sneaks down below to the dungeon, makes quick work of the guards, and finds Princess Elesondra,and a strange man with his lips sewn shut. After oping his mouth the man revels him self to be Verbeeg 3rd Evocator of Ramoria. Iassck realizing the importance of this prisoner quickly searchs for an escape tunnel of some sort and eventually finds a secret passageway leading to a an underground river and a small boat, Isack gets the princess and the wizard in the boat but Verbeeg refuses to leave with out his spell book. Issack makes his way up where he finds the whole keep in arms over some mercenary captain who has infiltrated the keep and threatened Sir Delhigh. In the confusion Isack finds Zion and shows him to the boat, and the prisoner and assures Verbeeg that he will find his spell book. After some sneaking, and Grevtie fast talk Isack learns the spell book is most likely in the lords main bed chamber. After breaking in to the room and conducting a long and complete search of the room Isack finds a secret chest. After several somewhat comedic attempts to open the chest with the north pole arm Isack eventually opens the chest to find a spell book and some gold. Since the keep is nearly empty Isack just walks to his horse and rides off.

Grett sneaks up to the war room of the keep and listens to Sir Delhigh, Sir Coilis’s closest friend and ally being briefed on an indecent in the Halfwood evolving a reserve unit being routed by four men. Session 54. Grett decides to intimidatingly enter the room admit to being the leader of the mercenary band responsible for the attack and offers his service to the lord of this castle. Sir Delhigh suggest Grett wait outside while he finds the Sir Coilios and deliberates on this offer. As soon as Grett and Bishup are outside Sir Colios, Sir Delhigh and his five best swords charge out to meet Grett. An awesome display of ax and swordsmanship ensues. Desight being out numbered seven to one Grett Holds his own and long enough for exo to arrive in bird form and begin healing the nearly dead Grett. With heals from exo and back up from Nuts the squirrel Grett slays Sir Coilois and three of hiss best swords before the rest of the keep comes rushing out. Grett and Exo ride hard and hope to escape the army chasing them.

Zion rides down the river for many hours until he finally emerges from the cave in a small pool. After a short look around Zion realizes he isn’t far from Dunraven so he returns with his quests. Upon returning to Dunraven he finds the people of the city in good spirits, and with one name on all their tongues; Orval. Apparently while the party was away Orval led a group of mercenaries to Thorpeldown and slew most of the remnants of the Grevites stationed there. Zurch informs Zion that Lady Dunraven approached Lord Thorpel to have Orval Knighted so that she could marry him, but Lord Thorpel refused saying Orval hadn’t done anything noteworthy enough to warrant knighting. So Orval preformed this great attack and not the refugees of Thorpeldown and the common fold of Dunraven see his as a hero. So again Lady Dunraven approached Lord Thorpel and asked him to knight Orval, this time Lord Thorpel agreed upon the condition that Isack be knighted as well so that Lady Kend who he is betrothed to can mary a Knight, and Lady Dun Raven agreed. Zurch goes on to say that while Lady Dunraven was Knighing people at least one person who deserves it should be knighted as well, so she approached captain Alhalore and told him that she will make him champion of Dunraven, but he refused claiming that Zion deserves that honor, so Zion will be made champion of Dunraven, as such Lalia will sanction the creation of the Order of the Shield of which Zion will be grand master and he will be given Greatwyrm Manor, now Alaxzander Manor as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices he has made for Dunraven, and to serve as home to the Order of the Shield.

Session 54
What if Leroy Jenkins won?

Previously in Dunraven…
Our heroes return to castle liberty to find royal soldiers there as well. The soldiers deliver a message informing [[:barren-meriphit-q-thaygar-the-4th | Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th] that duke Anural the former prince is to be given the Citadel of swords as a gift, and the king is requesting that each of the barrens send skilled laborers and masons to rebuild the citadel in to a proper Grevetie castle.

After much debate it is decided that the party will head north in search of the missing elven princess Elesondra. In the hopes of gaining Baron Labrins alliance.

The journey through the half wood is dangerous, divisions of grevite soldiers, remnants of the elven army, chunks of the wild watch and horrid monsters wonder the wood. While hunting for clues the party encounters a massive force of Grevites. Zion is separated form the group and is surrounded by Calvary. Where as the rest of the party stares down 200 plus soldiers. Who’s first to act? Grett Malbo, that’s who. Grett rears his faithful steed Bishop and charges the Grevetie host with out pausing, and epic battle ensues. After the initial chaos, including a “bear bomb” from the party’s new druid friend Xo, the heroes form a diamond of death. After some 70 Grevites are slain the including the officers and calvary the remaining men flee, and the search for clues continues…

session 53
A Grand Tour

Previously in Dunraven…
Isack, Zion, Sorrin, and their burgermeister guide receive a warm welcome in kings port. Barron Hanz informs them that they are being followed by Larance spies, and that all the strength of kingsport will raise up against king wellington if Hanz can becomes king. The Party declines his offer and meets with two other influential high born in Kingsport, mayor Gruber and lady Helga. Gruber offers to sell the loyalty of half his soldiers to Thaygar for what the party considers a high price, and Lady Helga will give her soldiers up if whoever replaces King Wellington will agree to marry her.

Gromril travels to the woodland province, and learns that the people of the woodlands were terrorized by the kings justice, on his way to the north to the half wood. Gromril meets barin labrin who informs him that he’s welcome to set up camp and try and recruit people for his little resistance, but the barin is to distraught over the missing princess elisondra to worry about Barrin Thaygars resistance.

While returning from the swamp lands the party find out the city of Tempest is being starved out and will soon fall. Also Orik lord commander Gralics squire has been capured, but luckily sorrin is able to rescue him.

Session 52
War Council

Previously in Dunraven…
Barren Meriphit Q. Thaygar the 4th has called in all the man of the southlands for a tournament, and planed a war council to include his burgermisters, the party and another visitor Sir Crest Ironheart.

In order to wage the planed rebellion soldiers and weapons will be needed, luckily sorrin travels with an arsenal. However there is no smith in the southlands with the skill to forge weapons and there is a distinct lack of steel available as well. Grett and Zion determine that of the men of the southlands perhaps 100 with a lot of training could be turned in to an army.

Alies will be needed the party along with Barren Thaygars burgermisters head out to attempt to meet with the kingdoms other barrens in the hopes of forging alliances. While Grett remains to train the troops, and barren Thaygar remains at castle liberty to avoid raising suspicion.

Session 51
Return to Grevites

The epic battle opens with Grett charging the robot halfling artificer. Isaac being in a bag, Ziane being invisible, Sorin invisible, Gromril invisible Kaz…invisible… Ziane brings the boom and the artificer runs, brings in a runic guardian, which gets beat down…a couple times…fast healing bullshit… Some hobgoblins lost their lives, and so did the artificer. But the main point, and I reiterate the main point of this fight is one of the worst villains the world has ever seen has been disintegrated. So we put to rest Kaz Taclin. I kid, I kid. But we put to rest a good friend, and comrade Kaz Taclin.

After which the party heads to Greveties to end this war. The party finds the situation worse off then Dunraven. The baron passed away while Isaac left to take care of the phylacteries and he feels a great grievance. As well as a library was burned to the ground, this is a crime against all of creation. Also the Grevetian that were under the new Baron Thaygar the IV were taken for the war effort. This results in no army, no trained troops, and a very small hope of success in the rebellion. But nevertheless the party will build from nothing an army to wage a rebellion against the pope king of St. Cuthbert. The war begins soon.

Session 50
Never Go Full Retard

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(I’m going to translate this due to this being in character)

The group approached the construct factory, as two giants are guarding the entrance. These were three armed giants with poisonous bites. Yes, poisonous bites. The giants were also called Athaches. After slewing the giants, the group entered a holding room with coats and such on the wall, a few characters grabbed lab coats to look cool. Isaac, Ziane, Grett, Kaz, and Gromril entered a room to find construct monkeys. One of these monkeys poisoned Isaac, he’s now a full-plegic. Gromril is also poisoned. Sorin destroys the constructs under construction, and Kaz alerts the small group of “scientists” to the groups presence. The group of scientists alert the factory to the groups presence and constructs pour out of the containment room. Seeing Gromril, and Kaz first they bypass them due to them wearing lab coats.

The group invisible themselves and pass by the constructs undetected until Grett fires a shot, and up the elevator we go. Seeing Artificer Quailos he looks at the almost empty elevator ready to kill them all…all being Grett… Poor Grett.

Session 49
Drow are monkeys

As Taldus returns the party to Dunraven, and the group meets with Lalia to gain information on the Drow attempting her life. A quick couple of long hours tracking, and the group meets up with the Drow in a tunnel. A battle ensues that leads the group into a chamber with spider climbing Drow. A quick decisive spell from Gromril and most of those drow jumped off their safe roof to the ground.

Sorin not being a monkey, but being really hard to see caused havoc to drow. The sad part is Gromril looked at the madusa, and was turned to stone. He was carrying some stone salve for such an event. After the long battle and madusa lain slain by Grett and Ziane, Isaac, Ziane, and Grett agree to stay to watch over Gromril’s stone body. Sorin takes off to the glass coast to buy more stone salve, and Gromril is brought back to life. Right now the group can go back, or move forward.

Session 48
liches, assassins and boats oh my...

Previously in Dunraven…
What reamains of the party finaly confronts the lich in open battle. Our heroes slay the lich and capture six phylactry.
Returning to the mud ship the party finds the vessel commandeered and on the move. While planning their escape Kaz finds out the hard way that the Drazz Kadool employs more than jyst magical assassins at the cost of his life. Sorrin charms the assassin and grett and gromil make short work of the other two.

Gromril raises the fallen party members and the party finds an ancient silverkeep dwarf at the helm of the mud ship. Apparently this dwarf is the inventor of the mud core, abd is no true friend to the Drazz Kadool. After a heated debate taldus is contacted and teliportation is aranged.

Session 47
Secrets of the Mud Ship

Previously in Dunraven…
A foreboding message;the Zomberine has been spotted and is holy 10 minutes out. Our heroes enter the sunken mud ship Malaris discovering a slew of dead crew members and a strange magical contraption the “mud core”. Exploration of the cargo hold reveled a two way planar gate. This gate led them to a strange demi plane where they encountered a halfling lich. The lich summoned a terrible monster and was guarded by a alchamical goulm, thus much battle ensued. By sessions end Zion and Isack lay dead, and the lich yet defeated.


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