A Dark Alliance

Information from Kaz during the dinner party.

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cutscene: dinner
-barbarians toast to battle
-under thalos’ command
-all bodes well in the north
-all tribes under great stag banner, mountain orks and barbarians
-snow giant are independent
-being stubborn
-needs to recruit snow giants, “can’t break walls just by swinging swords”
-move through tundra to frostfel, hide in the day, attack at night
-20 days from north to targer

-lord infernalus held in celestial prison
-still imprisoned
-drayl (mushroom drop person) mentions dunraven some how connected. contract?
-thalos getting impatient with drayl

-established thayadred as person in charge of dunraven
-thayadred motivated by greed
-sometimes disobeys, cant figure out where his power comes from
-crimson hounds in charge of guard duty
-contract mentioned
-seems to be protecting the manor

-tacklyn project
-is a silver finger
-some sort of mage carries a sapphire the size of his fist
-may or may not know of involvement
-thayus (one subject) melted

-dark elves
-soul tick worked on King wellington of gravties
-convinced son to take throne so can invade ramore, holly war
-black forge inn is the foothold, 200 strong
-monitoring situation as citadel of swowrds capture was thwarted by party,

-drayl has news (mushroom drop person)
-found tomes of creation at temple of forgotten heroes, first base..
-temple was sacked by party
-established a new fortress in thorpledown
-aiding artificer qualos in constructing an undead army

-treevus asks drow about weather
-drow soul tick on astarielle
-lost contact recently
-might be in another non-elven hose
-was bred for elves
-weather broke before devlin trial

-guards left with anailus, party’s mage contact

-thalos unrolled a map of the area
-barbarian take kremlyn in the north and threaten the ramoria capital of the empire
-gravites to invade from the south on their own accord
-cult of the dark one to release lord infernalus, drail takeing the lead thinks dunraven is key somehow, cant locate the contract
-flesh army from the south, qualos in thorpledown
-undane was held with a flesh golem army created by tomes of creation
-crusade from gravitis
-let the humans kill each other in crusade than crush both with army of undead consturts created by qualios
-“second shard” to be found after infernalus release

-treevus should make make peace with tacklyn project member, bring him in to the fold
-can add another member of the tacklyn project to replace thayadred if needed to sweeten deal
-do whatever it takes to get tacklyn project on his side
-may or may not know of participation in the project

Treevus works for Drazz Kadool, Thaydrid doesn’t know.
Silver finger on council, also part of the tacklin project, Theaydrid doesn’t know hes a silver finger, Trevus doesn’t know what silver fingers agenda is
Some sort of “contract” everybody is looking for, seems to be keeping someone named Inferolis captured. Drail thinks that when thaydrid is made lord contract will be fulfilled, but trevus not so sure.
No mention of Devlin, other than the trial.

A Dark Alliance

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