Cult of the Dark one

This shady group was first uncovered by the heroes in the “Fuzzy Slipper”. They all have shaven heads and scarred faces, which makes telling them apart nearly impossible at a glance. When using subterfuge they often hide their identities with magic, as well as mundane disguises. They operated from an abandoned temple that has since been cleared out by the heroes, but may have more locations under their control. The Heroes discovered ties between the cult and the Dunraven temple of Pelor.

The Heroes had another run in with the cult outside the city of Thorpeldown. The cult was attempting to gain possession of the unconscious Zerch, being dropped of via boat by The Silver Fingers. After a swift intervention Zerch was saved, and the cult members were sent fleeing or left dead. One member, the leader, with a slightly different scar escaped from the scene on horseback.

After hearing the name Eclipsus from one of the attackers at mushroom drop Taldus Servo was able to recall that Eclipsus was a shard of a long lost anti-Plaor Deity who was slewn eons ago. perhaps this dark one is the Deity in question…

The cult seems to have a powerful and open presence in the city of Drollabar

The cult has released Zandarous a god of chaos, death, and decay. His home is on abyss and all his heralds are all demons Zandarous. followers tend to be necromancers, summoners, cancer mages.

Cult of the Dark one

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