Drollabar was built by the Silver Hammer clan along time ago, sages of Boccob estimate it at around 900 years ago. The city was built atop the largest silver mine in all the realm. Drollabar in dwarven means happy home, and at one time it was. the dwarves of clan Silver Hammer built a massive undercity around the mine. At one point Drollabar only existed below ground. Growing trade with the humans required a surface presence so the dwarves built the Silver keep, a beautiful and secure castle surrounded by huge wall with four massive towers. The keep, walls, and towers were all interconnected by underground tunnels. Once it was built the Dwarves would allow various non dwarf friends to serve as lord of the castle and help conduct trade on there behalf. All but one of the names of these lords have been lost to history. Its know that at least one of them was a Gnome, allegedly from Thropell down, another was a teifling of the Undane, but the most infamous was the last, Lord Tokelin the foolish, the man responsible for ending relations between clan silver hammer and the empire, and bringing Drollabar in to the war with the Undane.

Over the years the castle evolved in to a vast trading post, and eventually in to a massive city with a 2nd set of exterior walls being built by the clan in the last 200 years. No one really knows how large the undercity really is outsiders haven’t been aloud down there in at least two generations.

Since the end of the Undane war no stable government has existed in Drollabar. The long lived dwarves stay down in their undercity waiting for the human Empire to crumble and a more agreeable generation of man to rule. The Empire maintains a 10 mile demilitarized zone around the city. However espionage is common.

The city is now home to all manor of villainous scum. The outer city is run by cut thought thieves and the inner sanctum is home to Drazz Kadool, or magic death an evil and deadly guild of arcane assassins. Various other cults and violent organisations call Drollabar home, but the Drazz Kadool hold all the real power.


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