Heavy Pockets Gang

was founded by the Halfling Klinky, and his half ork friend Daben. between the two of them they had an extensive network of pick pockets. Things went well until the “the cats” got wind of Klinky and his gang. You don’t do anything in Drollabar without paying up to the cats. just like that All of Klinky’s pick pockets were working for the cats and Klinky and Daben were on there own. The story of how they survived and acquired their guild hall is one shrouded in mystery, but heres what the party knows about the current roster.

Klinky: Treacherousness and resourceful leader of the Heavy Pockets, despite living in squalor Klinky seems to be proud of what he has. klinky’s crew respects him and would follow him anywhere, especiallyLalia Ravenfeather. Lalila looks up to Klinky and Klinky seems to have a strong romantic interest in Lalia.

Daben: The only member of the gang born and raised in Drollabar. Daben spent his childhood stealing to survive. Daben knows that children can make the best pick pockets, few suspect them and few would kill a child if caught stealing. Daben is basically a big kid at heart and has most of the orphans in Drollabar working for him. Daben is totally loyal to Klinky, Klinky says steal it and Daben says, how much?

Jovis: This sell sword found him self working for Klinky after being removed from the night swords the 3rd largest thieves guild in Drollabar. He killed a fellow guild mate allegedly for stealing from him, but this guild mate was the guild master’s nephew. Jovis is lucky to be alive. Clearly the muscle of gang Jovis seems skilled in the use of weapons, and fineness fighting. Hes been working for Klinky for a few years now, but hes always talking about how “the next big job is going to get him out of Drollabar.” No one can tell where this naves loyalty will lay one minuet to the next.

Orval: This elf finds him self exiled from the white wood, for reasons unknown. Orval is the newest member of the gang. He was brought in as a “face” when Lalia met him a few months ago. Klinky doesn’t trust him but he has talked the gang out a few spots before and he seems to be well connected to the cats. He and Lalia often go on forays in to the market district and return well rewarded, they make a good team.

Lalia Ravenfeather

Heavy Pockets Gang

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