Kingdom of Griveties

The kingdom of Griveties is broken into four provinces each ruled by a Barren loyal to the crown. These barrens are all descendants of a council of elders who fought with Wallace Wellionton first of his name to free the Grivetie people from slavery.

The Southlands
Also known as the sage province, is ruled by the Thaygars, currently Barren Meripht Thaygar the 4th. The southlands is mostly know for the Village of old scroll which is built around the Library of Ages. The oldest know Library in existence. The people of the sage province live a fair and simple life. For three generations the Thaygars have made sure every child in the Southlands was provided with a fee and full education. Many of the kingdoms greatest poets and musicians come form the Southlands. The people of the south lands are also well know for their skill and love of debate.

The Woodlands
Also Known as fay country, is ruled by House Labrin, currently barren Valladar Labrin f1st of his name. The Woodlands are home to many traveling bands of elves, and loose knit communities of trappers and loggers making a living off the land. The woodlands is the least organized and developed province in the kingdom. Barren Labrin issues no taxes and little laws upon his people. Due to the lawful nature of the Kingdom and the chaotic nature of the woodlands its people are looked down on by most of the Kingdom. However this does not bother the people of the woodlands, as they would prefer the company of there kindred spirits the elves of the forest.

The Riverlands
These fertile farm lands are ruled by the wealthiest family in all the kingdom the Larences. All the food sold and ate by the kings army, and the people of the capital is grown in the riverlands. Also the river provides and exelent trade rout. Anything not produced in the Kingdom is shipped down the river from Ramoria at low prices than resold by the Larences and the people of riverlands as high priced exotic imports. The common folk of the river lands are very diverse, ranging from shrewd merchants, to the hardest working farmers, but one thing remains constant, gold. A common saying is a field hand in the riverlands eats as well as a lord in the other provinces.

The Swamplands
By far the hardest people in the Kingdom live in the Swamplands. The mysterious house Greem officially rules the swamplands, but the people havent seen a living member of the family in two generations, and yet taxes are raised and castle damp welcome is guarded. The people of the swamp lands live in small fishing communities. The great swamp is considered one of the last dangerous places in the Kingdom. Trolls, orks and other foul beasts live in the great swamp,

Kings Port
This vast coastal city is sometimes called the 5th province. The city use to be part of the Swamplands despite it’s distance from Castle Damp Welcome, but Barren Hanz founder of the Milords Boat Company used his substantial income to purchase the city and his title from the crown. The people of KingsPort are known for their jolly and accepting deminer. Visitors from all across the Eastern Sea come to Kingsport to buy the magnificent boats from Barren Hanz. The Milords Boats Company has even been responsible for constructing more than one royal fleet for neighboring countries.

The Church
St. Cuthbert is regarded as the one true god in the kingdom and the people of Grevites consider them selves his chosen people. Many foran worshipers visit St Cuthbert Cathedral in the capital because many prophets across the entire realm have declared it a holy site. The church is led by a grand Inquisitor who is responsible for interpreting the will of St Cuthbert. In the kingdom the Grand Inquisitor is supposed to serve as a power balance for the king. Any law or decree issued by the king can be rescinded by the grand inquisitor if it is not in keeping with the laws of St Cuthbert, However the church is not allowed to raise an army or have any military power what so ever. Times have changed in the Kingdom…

Kingdom of Griveties

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