Silver Fingers

Notorious thieves guild in Thorpeldown led by the mysterious Mr. Silver. rumor has it they worship a silver dragon. They rob from everyone in town, but are mostly non violent. However every gnome in town knows to stay away from their hang outs. gnomes have been known to disappear on the human side of town, some evidence points to the silver fingers.

Since Thorpeldown’s fall to Greveties the silver fingers have moved in to Dunraven along with the rest of Thorpeldown’s remaining population.

A breif street war errupted against the silver fingers and Thayadrid Greatwyrm, but has come to an end with the death of Thayadrid. For the most part the Silver fingers seem to be trying to get along with the upper crest of Dunraven’s population however Gnomes are going missing form the refugee section of town.

During an investigation into the missing gnomes, Toby was tricked and slain by the Silver Fingers. This could not stand. Mr Silver was treated in kind. The Silver Fingers are in the final stages of a hostile change in management, with Sorin Venser seizing control.

While Sorin was absent from Dunraven Orval Urborg of the White Wood led a group of the veteran silverfingers on a secret attack of the forces still holding Thorpeldown. Some whisper that many of the silver fingers hold more allegiance to Orval rather than Sorin.

The party has had contact with…
Mr. Silver
Salene Harper information dealer
Dennadrill Harper businessman
Daloh street contact

Chain of Command:

  • Mr. Silver


Silver Fingers’ Charter

Mission Statement
We are thieves, our mission, above all else is to acquire wealth from those who have too much. Though we are outlaws, we still have a code of standards. Follow these tenants and earn your cut. Break them and lose your share, or worse.

  1. Do NOT kill, unless stated within mission parameters. It’s bad for business, the dead contribute nothing.
  2. Do NOT steal from or attack guildmates, it’s bad form.
  3. There will be a log kept of all jobs. Hitting the same mark too often either puts people out of business, or pushes them to hire their own thugs to deal with us. This gets us caught, or worse.
  4. All heist, bedlam, fishing, shill, sweep, or numbers jobs will be brought before one of the guild’s top officials. Never do anything major without the guild’s blessing.
  5. All potential recruits are to be brought before officials for evaluation before they are to be accepted into the guild.
  6. The poor have nothing, do not take from the homeless. If treated properly, protected, and otherwise taken care of, they can prove to be an invaluable asset to the guild.
  7. Member of The House of Dunraven are strictly off limits, unless otherwise noted.
  8. The house gets a 50% cut of all jobs. This keeps officials paid and puts a portion into the guild coffers. Coffers are used for improvements, renovations, expansion, and to keep guards looking the other way. The remaining 50% is to be split up between the members who took part in the job.
Failure to adhere to these will be punished in accordance to the offense and the ruling of the upper echelon. Follow these orders and keep your blade clean, hopefully we can get rich in the process.

Mr. Silver, Grandmaster of the Silver Fingers.

Silver Fingers

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