The Empire

The story of Urzaz
It is said that many centuries ago, Uraza was the first human to understand the weave of magic in the realm. Urzaz mastered the schools of magic and used its power to build the greatest city in all the realm, the city of Urzaz. This tradition of naming the city after its ruler still lives on to this day in the empire. Urzaz formed the 8 schools of magic and taught generations of wizards. Centuries went by and Urzaz continued to grow in power until he ascended to god hood. Urzaz’s last act as ruler was to create the council of 8 to rule and protect the magic of the realm.

The sons of Urzaz
Many generations after the ascension of Urzaz the council of 8 fell in to a dark place. Many of its members were evil power hungry men. Strife and rebellion was in the hearts of the people of Urzaz. Urzaz decided to intervene, and had two sons with a mortal woman,now lost to history. Urzaz’s sons Boccob and cuthbert led to very different lives. boccob was born with a netural soul of dedication. Boccob spent all his time studying the weave of magic, for the knowledge of 8 schools and the divinity of weave. Cuthbert however was born with the passionate soul, seeking justice and devotion to the greater sense of order. The council of 8 had reached its most chaotic and evil state and the people of Urza were in full revolt. The council sought the help of Boccob and Cuthbert. Cuthberts response was one of violence, cuthbert saw the unjust council for what it was and informed the council of his intention to join the revolt. The council had Cuthbert executed. Urzaz allowed his son to rise to his plane of existence and resurrected him as a saint, and revoters of the city began to worship St. cuthbert as a deity. Boccob’s response is that his duty is to remain neutral,you are the rulers of my fathers city and i am your sage here to advise you,(a president still practiced to this day) and i advise you A to change your evil ways and B if these people don’t want live under your rule, let them leave. So the people were given leave of the city. The new found followers of St. Cuthbert headed south and eventually found a “home” in the Undane lands. That didn’t exactly work out for them, but that’s another story. Boccob eventually died a very wise man. Boccob ascended in to the afterlife where he took the place of Urzaz as the god of magic.

1st age of the emperor
The ancient city than known as Urzaz was ruled by the council of 8. A group of powerful mages, one for each of the schools of magic. Each member of the council represented the top of his school a position earned after years of service to the city, and demonstrating ones mastery of his or her school.

Nearly 300 years ago a powerful mage served the city who refused to pledge allegiance to any of the schools of magic. This mage was the first of the Ramores. A terrible foe, the Drow waged war on the city of Urzaz for many years, trying to enslave its people and steal the Council of 8’s secrets. The council of 8 could not bring them selves to do what was necessary to drive back the dark elves. As the stories go Ramore strode in to the councils chamber and challenged the council to a dual for leadership of the city. Duels were typicality fought one on one, for one mage to battle eight was insane, but after nearly a day and a half Ramore emerged victorious with only one fatality occurring during the battle. Ramore the remaining council members and the newly appointed 1st illusionist, drove the dark elves back in to the depths of the world. Ramore didn’t stop there, he and the council conquered the land surrounding urzaz for 100 miles and drew out a Constitution limiting the power of the council and ensuring that all of his heirs would rule Urzaz and any land it may control from now an until the end of time. Ramore’s last act as ruler of Urzaz was to rename it Ramoria, and declare it the capital of what would be the empire of Ramore.

The 2nd age of The Emperor. The age of conquest
__For nearly two hundred years four generations of emperors forged the Empire. Untamed lands ruled by orks, giants, dragons, and beholders were concurred in the name of Emperor Ramores. The savage creatures were trampled under the imperial war machine and the dragons were driven east to the seas. All of the land south Kremlin, and north of the Undane lands was concurred and civilized under imperial rule. Alliances with the elves to the west were made and tentative agreements were made with the greedy dwarves of Drollabar to the east. In this time period the power of the council of 8 shrank and the power of the emperor grew. The only thing that saved the council was the formation of there protectors. The Enlightened order. A group of arcane monks trained to battle mages and win. In Ramoria the order is known as the “fist of the council”

The 3rd age of the Emperor
More will be added to this, but during this time period we see the birth of the current emperor. The previous emperor’s war with the Undane, the fall of Drollabar. and during current emperor’s conquering of Kremlin just before his fathers death.

The 4th age of the Emperor
You folks are writing it for me as we play…

The Emperor is not responsible for much of the day to day running of the Empire. The Emperor chooses noble houses to rule the various cities in the Empire and they are responsible for governing themselves. However a new ruling house of a city can’t be chosen with out the Emperor’s blessing. The Lord Commanders of each of the Imperial Legions is appointed by and answers directly to the Emperor. Also the Black Cast, the Emperors secret clan of spies and assassins keep the Emperor safe from threats both broad and domestic. Each generation the most powerful wizard of house Ramore is chosen to succeed his father as Emperor, however over the last three generations House Ramore has only produced one child each generation. Many believe that since the magic strength of House Ramore hasn’t been tested that perhaps it has faded.

The council of eight has many more mundane responsibilities, they maintain the Imperial Academy of Arcane Study, the day to day governing of the Capital City, passing laws, collecting taxes, their own private security force the Enlightened Order are responsible for maintaining the peace in Ramoria during non war times. Though relationships between the Emperor and the Council have never been staler in recent decades they seem to have hit an all time low, with much distrust between them.

The Empire

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