Dunraven Chronicles

session 43

Battle on the High Seas

Previously in Dunraven…
The Zurch and the party returned to the glass coast in order to hire a ship to sail them to Asgadar. A fair deal was made with Captain Duke of the Sea Halberd, but before the party left the glass coast Kaz received a strange message. The head of the man found dead in Karoo’s home with a eatherial creatures tongue stuffed in its mouth. Kazz having knowledge of extra worldly creatures knew that this was the calling card of an astral stalker, a race of interplanar bounty hunters, the hunt was on.
Half way through the journey a ship flying a strange flag bearing a silver ring around a black tower was spotted. captain duke didn’t recognize it so the Halberds course was adjusted to avoid the strange vessel. The party was awoke it the night by a massive jolt, on deck the main mast had been destroyed and the anchor dropped and fouled the ship was at a dead stop. A ship spotted in the distance flying the black flag of dragon shanks. the deadliest pirate sailing the eastern seas. It turns out the Halberd was damaged by one of its own crewman. the crewman was in a stupor saying “his eyes, his eyes” the party knew this met Grails was responsible,but before questions could be asked the battle was on, balls of pitch and crossbow bolts filled the sky as Captain Aida plied his deadly trade. Isaac Geldhaven, and Kazanswered back with their own volley of arrows and fire. The parties battle hardened fighters Zaine Alexander,Grett Malbo, and Zurch, the Mad Wizardformed a boarding party and after a some expert seamanship by Captain Duke and the crew of the Halberd the battle was won.


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