Dunraven Chronicles

session 61-63

Fucking Dark Elves Again?

Previously In Dunraven…
Due to the war Dunraven is again facing a winter without food, and in times of war Dunraven should be able to turn to the heartlands for help, but the heartlands, the breadbasket of the empire has been under assault by the dark elves of house Millrenie. Gromril’s planar ally helped the party locate the lair of the matron mother of house Millrenie, and the party hopes that by slaying the matron mother the party can save not just Dunraven but the whole empire from starving this winter.

It seems the dark elves have taken up residence in the former home of a clutch of Minataurs. After killing the Minotaurs the dark elves have raised them as undead defenders, and have prepared the cave with many pits and traps. Grett Malbo stumbles in to one said trap, but luckily years of adventuring have made him an expert climber.

The party fights it’s way in to the stone shaped lair of the dark elves. A great battle begins, our heroes fighting bravely for every inch of stone. The dark elves spill out like hornets from a disturbed nest, but eventually their numbers thin in the face of party’s superior fighting skill.

After battling trough all the dark elves the party discovers a secret chapel down below where the matron mother prays. Matron Millreenie cries out to Loth and sacrifices her son, a small boy. With an erialy seductive voice Loth answers and turns the matron mother in to a disgusting powerful demon.

After slaying the Demon our heroes find a strange message sent from Thalen Tackmat, and a large cash of stolen food.

Before this instalment ended the hereos retruned home and Isaac Geldhaven beseeches Lady Lalia Ravenfeather Dunraven to let his people, the people of Thorpeldown return to Dunraven.


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