Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds

scruffy elf ranger


Airamial might be the most obscure knight in all the empire, certenly one of the oldest, thanks to being one of the only elven knights. Airamial was a hero of the Undane war, he lead the vanguard in to the than unexplored South woods and help the Grevitie people win their freedom form the Undane, he trained rangers in his peoples way of wilderness war fare. At the end of the war Airamail was knighted by Emperor Oric Ramore the 3rd. (the current emperor’s father) At first it was a controversial decision, the first elf to be knighted, but less than a day later Airamial was appointed Warden of the new southern wilds. His life expectancy was a year, that was 60 years ago. no one else acknowledges his knight hood so he doesn’t either. Airmial is a formidable warrior in command of 30 or so of the most disciplined rangers in all the empire and no one knows the ins and out of the southern wilds like he does.

The party met Airmial because he is a friend of Zurch, the Mad Wizard. its hard to predict the elf’s intentions but he seems to have taken an interest in the party.

The party has since been in battle with Airmail countless times including a battle to save the citadel of swords from an orkish war party and latter half the party led rescued Airmail from the citadel after the cult of the dark one had infiltrated the wild watch and led Airmail in to a Grevitie ambush.

Since the White wood is in danger of being over ran by the Grivites Airmail has returned to his home to help his people leaving Oohlathor in charge of the southern wild watch.

Sir Airamail Lestion of the White Wood, Warden of the South Wilds

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