Dennadrill Harper


Dennadrill is the husband of Selene Harper, and a strongly suspected member of the Silver Fingers

Dennadrill recently purchased the Frosty mug in the city of dunraven and is converting it in to a brothel.

The party has not only discovered that Dennadrill is a member of the silver fingers, but he is in fact their voice and leader. Dennadrill created the silver fingers in exchange for a large some of gold from Mr. Silver.

Dennadrill grew up as an indentured servant in the house of a prosperous merchant , learning the ins and outs of trade, and the social graces of nobility in the Empire. Eventually the merchant fell on hard times, and turned to less moral business practices. Using Dennadrill to spy, sabotage, black mail, and even kill if necessary to keep the merchant in business. (Think the asher the Syrian from Spartacus) In public Dennadrill was a singer, the merchant kept him around to entertain noble guests. Alos the merchant enjoyed telling his rivals he had a bard on pay role for his personal entertainment.

After the merchant died in a mysterious accident Dennadrill stuck out on his own. Strangely, Dennadrill was the soul heir to the merchants fortune, a fact that baffled the merchants beloved wife and children. Dennadrill retired for many years met a wife, and lived a cushy life as a musician in ThorpelDown.

Years later Dennadrill was approached by a Mr. Silver and offered a large sum of gold to put together an origination of people with similar skill sets to Dennadrill, and Mr. silver would be a silent backer. A few years later Mr silver came in to town and demanded a majority of the gold and his role to not be so silent anymore. Imagine Dennadrill’s surprise when he ran his rapier through the old mans guts and he turned in to a silver dragon. From hence forth Mr. silver set the direction of the guild and Dennadrill was the silent partner.

When Grumka Daisydump and his pitsbaloo gnomes came to town and started dipping in to Mr. silvers pockets Dennadrill was ordered to do things to the gnomes he didn’t care to do.

Dennadrill remains the leader of the silver fingers, but answers to a new benefactor.

Dennadrill Harper

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