Sorin Venser

Spy, Man of Mystery, The Face, Grandmaster of the Silver Fingers.


Age: 28
Race: Human
Height: 5’9"
Hometown: Dunraven
Armor Class: 22


Sorin was born William Ballard II. He was first born of twins. His mother was Sif Ballard, barmaid, and wife of William Ballard, soldier-turned-guard. When his parents realized they couldn’t raise 2 infants on his father’s salary, they sent the younger one with some holy men to be put up for adoption. Sorin was a little of a troublemaker as a child and inquisitive, but was usually able to talk himself out of most hairy situations.

At the age of 12, while on a trip to Thorpeldown, his parents were killed by a band of marauders while he was seeking “adventure” like the stories his father told when he was younger. He fled back to Dunraven. While rifling through his parents things, he found his mother’s journal that mentioned another child, a twin, Tiberius, but not who took him. After that, he bounced around foster homes for 2 years before running away, leaving his past and name behind him.

Six years pass before returning to Dunraven as Sorin Venser, a new face and new life. He had spent those years with a clandestine group of mercenaries, learning close-quarter fighting, stealth, deceit and diplomacy, and “advance interrogation” techniques. Sorin prefers to use the threat of torture over actually performing it, but understands that some people don’t crack as easily.

To this day, he hasn’t found a Tiberius Ballard on record, and gave up his search after realizing that the name was probably changed through adoption.

Now he owns property and is acting Guildmaster of The Silver Fingers.

Love Interests: None as of now.
Goals: Set up a network of information brokers. Start an Guild of Holy Assassin’s
Hated Enemies: Trivis, Thayadrid, Thalos, Mr Silver

Sorin Venser

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