Order of the Shining Sword

The order was created over 200 years ago in order to track down the 7 swords of Heronious.

The order’s home base is the Citadel of Swords a fortified keep on the Fairnu river just north of the Grivitie boarder.

The order is broken in to two casts the swords and the protectors.
The Swords are well trained warriors, who answer the call of hernoious to vanquish evil no matter where it may be. The Swords are also charged with going in to the field to locate the missing swords.

The protectors are guardians of peace in the realm. Protectors serve as healers, advisers, negotiators and protect the interests of the common man. Protectors are often charged with tracking down fugitives of the law in the south.

The order is currently lead by Protector Commodose, he was a long time friend of the emperor, and has taken the order in the most politically active direction it has ever been on.

Just before the war the order received word that king wallace wellionton the 2nd of Grevites was deathly ill and in need of clarical help. The order’s most powerful clerics were sent to assess the kings health and provide what ever aid they could. These clerics were never heard from again.
Similarly the Swords were dispatched on what seemed to be the best lead on a shining sword in years, the swords have also not been heard from since.

Order of the Shining Sword

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